Maximize Results With JumpSport’s PlyoFit

Maximize Results With JumpSport’s PlyoFit

Feb 23rd 2012

Woman using JumpSport Fitness PlyoFit Adapter KitWhen one thinks of California, it’s easy to think of innovation.  With fashion, board sports, software, and fresh approaches to exercise, California seems to be an estuary for new ideas, a breeding ground for what is up and coming. It breathes new life into the tried and true or totally blows the lid off the conventional, bringing the country and often the world, something exciting, novel, and eager to be tried.

JumpSport, Inc. whether you know it or not, is based out of California and as such is part of that pioneering pulse. A little background before going any further: JumpSport, Inc. began as the first company to introduce the safety net for backyard trampolines, a huge accomplishment in the long history of trampolines.  Since then, the company has continued to break ground and push the edges of its creativity.

I had written briefly about its new PlyoFit Adapter Kit first debuted at the ECA show in Fort Lauderdale in November, 2011. It has now been officially launched and can be purchased online at: JumpSport Fitness Trampoline

The PlyoFit Adapter Kit, obviously shorthand for plyometrics adaptor kit, is a stand that can be purchased to transform your already awesome JFT into a wildly fun and extremely effective plyometric workout tool.  In less that fifteen seconds of installation, the trampoline becomes a target that you can bounce a weighted ball against.  It’s the most fun way to increase muscle speed, explosive power, and reaction time through a wide variety of plyometric exercises.

Woman doing PlyoFit exercises with JumpSport Fitness trampolineThere are several exercises that you can do with the PlyoFit Adapter Kit and even a short video on the website for more ideas.  The plyometric adaptation kit comes with one 3-pound ball that is approximately 4" in diameter, but you can obviously throw a heftier ball as you become more skilled or if you are already practicing at that higher level.  Just to get the feel of the plyometric adaptation kit, begin by throwing the ball with two hands to the mat (the target) and catch the rebound.  You may have to adjust where you are standing or how hard you throw the ball so you are not bowled over!  Once you master this easy exercise, you can begin to add a squat, add a squat and a jump, throw single handed, and throw overhead.

While at the Lauderdale ECA show, the playful and always experimental JumpSport family demonstrated supine exercises using the PlyoFit Adapter Kit.  Johanna, the founder’s daughter, would begin laying fully supine with the ball overhead. With her arms extended, she would then hinge forward about 25%, throw the ball, wait for it to rebound, and then return to her supine position.  Playing with the PlyoFit Adapter Kit in a seated position, one could sit tall, throw the ball forward, and then hinge back to catch the ball; one could even add a rotation with either elbow bent, ball held to the chest, or both arms extended, with the ball out for a great oblique workout.

Personally, I fell in love with the PlyoFit Adapter Kit.  I adore ball sports and the plyometric adaptation kit reminds me of football, tennis, softball, & volleyball.  You can play with a variety of weighted balls, throwing the ball standing, overhead, one-handed, or in-rotation, or you could also add jumps or split jumps; throwing from a supine or seated position, the possibilities are really endless.  It’s a really fun way of keeping yourself sharp in terms of reaction time.  Those engaged in physical therapy can use very light balls to work on developing their muscles, range of motion, and reaction time; athletes can use the PlyoFit Adapter Kit to develop explosive power.  It is a truly versatile piece of equipment that adds dimension to your already dynamic JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™.

Trainers and group fitness instructors can lead a completely on-point interval class.  Clients and members can begin bouncing on their trampolines and, in fifteen seconds, transform their trampoline into a new piece of equipment that continues to rock their cardiovascular work and give them a strength and conditioning workout that actually gives them something to smile about.

Check out the new PlyoFit Adapter Kit and the short video with master instructor Steve Carver to view a sampling of some of the exercises that can be done with this phenomenal add on.

Have you been to a show and played with the all new PlyoFit Adapter Kit? What did you think of it? Do you currently work with a combination of plyometrics and rebounders? What sort of results do you get? Join the conversation and tell us why you like to work with weighted balls, plyometrics, and rebounders.  Be sure to check out the video and the schedule of shows by JumpSport, Inc. to see when one will be in your neck of the woods so you can experience one for yourself.  Fun for boys and girls, young and old, novices to pros, this is absolutely one of the most fun “toys” out there! Keep posted and tell JumpSport what you think: be part of the conversation with JumpSport, Inc. by following JumpSport Fitness Trampolines™ on Facebook or on Twitter @FitTrampoline.

In good health and wishing you fun with your movement and chosen workouts,

Heidi Aspen Lauckhardt-Rhoades

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Professional Fitness Instructor

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