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Love For Letterboxing!

Sep 25th 2012

As a mom, I see my fair share of playgrounds each week and to be perfectly honest, after almost six years of frequenting these structures, I find them absolutely boring.  Now don’t get me wrong, … read more

Bumps and Bruises? Seek Arnica!

Aug 10th 2012

It’s the time of year where we find ourselves on bikes, navigating tight corners to reach the lawn mower, or getting banged-into at crowded venues.  Later in the day, a black and blue mark emerge … read more
Let’s Travelcise!

Let’s Travelcise!

Jul 9th 2012

Travelcise: Travel-sized Workouts Anyplace, Anytime!According to the newspapers, travel among Americans is up. Summer is traditionally the season for families to drive or fly to national parks, visit … read more
Nutrition Series, 3 Vegetarianism

Nutrition Series, 3 Vegetarianism

Apr 5th 2012

Nutrition, Article 3 Vegetarianism & Vegan Eating Styles, with Brandi Thompson, RD In this third installment focusing in our nutrition series in honor of National Nutrition Month, we a … read more

Nutrition Series, 1

Mar 21st 2012

Nutrition Series, Article 1 with Brandi Thompson, RD March is National Nutrition Month, and because of this, I have teamed up with registered dietician Brandi Thompson to teach us abou … read more