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5 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy at Any Age

5 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy at Any Age

Posted by Guest Author on Apr 23rd 2018

While you can’t control factors like age or genetics, the good news is that through practicing healthy habits like the ones below, you can improve your metabolism, and your quality of life, to rema … read more

Heart Benefits of Rebounding

Feb 14th 2018

We understand matters of the heart.... that is heart benefits of rebounding! Jumping on a mini trampoline will significantly improve your health and more importantly, target muscles other e … read more
JumpSport Rebounders Help Physical Education

JumpSport Rebounders Help Physical Education

Jun 14th 2017

JumpSport® is proud to announce its presence and support this summer in several physical education with fitness rebounders conferences happening across America. From Albuquerque, New Mexico to Ashe … read more
Fit 7/8 Games Powered By JumpSport

Fit 7/8 Games Powered By JumpSport

May 17th 2017

Strength, Coordination, Resistance, Agility! These are the four categories that over 200 women will be competing in during the 7/8 Games on May 27th in Monterey and June 3rd in Mexico City hosted b … read more

What is Childhood Obesity?

Sep 3rd 2013

I guess that cartoon really says it all….what is childhood obesity?  And more importantly, how can we help our kids not experience it?   How do we keep kids engaged and active?  … read more