JumpSport Fitness Shopping Guide

New to Rebounding? We got You! Shop our Fitness Guide to find the right trampoline & accessories to help you (or your family) get started living an active, healthier, & happier life for 2024.

JumpSport Model 220 Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport Model 220 39" Fitness Trampoline

Starting at $249

Our popular in-home rebounder for beginners and the budget-minded shopper. The model 220 Fitness Trampoline offers a low-impact exercise that is ideal for any modality or age. The 32.5” jumping surface, arched legs, and 30 elastic cords provide a quiet, cushioned bounce.

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JumpSport Model 550f 44

JumpSport Model 550f 44" Folding Trampoline


Biggest Size at the Lowest Price! For big movements and compact storage, the 550f PRO Fitness Trampoline folds in half to fit into smaller spaces at home or in the studio. Equipped with the large 38.5” jumping surface, 7 easy-to-adjust firmness settings, and lasts at least 1.6 million bounce cycles so you can exercise hard and pursue your fitness goals. Great for taller jumpers too!

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JumpSport Model 250

JumpSport Model 250 39" Fitness Trampoline


The model 250 is our most sought after rebounder due to its padded petal mat and arched leg frame design. Give the gift of low-impact exercise fun to a grandparent, parent, partner, teen, or child. All ages and levels are welcome.

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Quick Release 39

Quick Release 39" Handle Bar


New to rebounding? No sweat! The JumpSport Quick Release 39" Handle attaches quickly and easily to any 39" JumpSport fitness trampoline. It's ideal for home fitness bouncers and will enhance your workouts and increase stability on the trampoline. JumpSport Fitness trampolines are virtually silent so turn on your favorite TV show or que up your favorite playlist and just start moving!

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JumpSport 350 PRO 39

JumpSport Model 350 PRO 39" Limited Edition Models


Same popular model as our original black frame 350 PRO fitness trampoline- with NEW pre-installed color cords sure to brighten and bring personality to your workouts.

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Color EnduroLast Cords

NEW! Color EnduroLast Cords (Set of 36)


EnduroLast Elastic Cords deliver the smoothest, deepest, and most supportive low-impact bounce on the market. These highly advanced bungee cords are uniquely formulated to stretch 2x resting length, compared to standard bungee cords that only stretch as little as 1.25x resting length. Plus- you can pick from a variety of fun, NEW colors!

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JumpSport Model 370 Fitness Trampoline

JumpSport Model 370 39" Fitness Trampoline


Give the gift of self care that is both calming and energizing

Perfect at-home rebounder with enahnced padded petal mat that allows you to utlize the entire jumping surface for stretching, core exercises, yoga, or more room while your bouncing. Feel energized and renewed after bouncing on this popular model.

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JumpSport 370 PRO 39

JumpSport 370 PRO 39" Fitness Trampoline


With padded petals and extra elastic cords, the JumpSport 370 PRO Fitness Trampoline delivers commercial quality, longevity, and extra jumping space. The enhanced, lay-flat padded petal mat is perfect for workouts along the edge of the mat, barre exercises, or even yoga as it offers additional space for stretching and bigger movements.

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JumpSport 350 PRO 39

JumpSport 350 PRO 39" Fitness Trampoline


For the workout warrior that wants to increase intensity & try something new!A chameleon of workout equipment; ideal for at-home fitness and also a top-seller among fitness professionals and club owners for it’s quality and diversity! Adjust the tension of cords for control and customization over your workout. Feel confident with higher weight ratings and a firmer bounce. Step off feeling energized (and sweaty) after a cardio session that is healthier than running on a treadmill! Available in Black or White Frame Options. *TOP SELLER & CLUB FAVORITE!*

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JumpSport 570 PRO 44

JumpSport 570 PRO 44" Fitness Trampoline


This premium, commercial-quality JumpSport Fitness Trampoline offers our largest jumping surface and maximum versatility at 44”. This PRO model has 36 extra-firm cords, and 7 easy-to-adjust firmness settings. With the 40.5” enhanced lay-flat padded petal jumping mat, you can push yourself and the rebounder to the limit.

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HandleBar for 44” Arched Leg Trampolines


Increase stability and add another element to your trampoline workout. Try Barre exercises atop the dynamic surface of the jumping mat on the fitness trampoline.

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