Get the Skinny on Trampoline Fitness

Get the Skinny on Trampoline Fitness

Dec 7th 2017

Jumping isn’t the only way to bounce your body into shape. Adults are jumping on a workout craze that combines these childhood favorites with intense workouts that are so much fun they barely see … read more

Trampoline Exercise for Seniors

Nov 18th 2017

Get all the benefits of exercise without the stress Using a mini-trampoline (or rebounder as they are also called), is one of the best forms of exercise for seniors known today. Rebounding on … read more

Enclosures Found to Increase Trampoline Safety

Nov 10th 2017

Trampoline Safety is important to everyone. That's why JumpSport ® Trampolines invented the first trampoline safety enclosure in 1997. Perhaps you've read reports that trampolines are uns … read more