5 Smart Ways to Stay Fit and Healthy at Any Age

Posted by Guest Author on Apr 23rd 2018

While you can’t control factors like age or genetics, the good news is that through practicing healthy habits like the ones below, you can improve your metabolism, and your quality of life, to rema … read more
Best Exercise for Older Adults

Best Exercise for Older Adults

Mar 13th 2018

How a 68 year old recaptured his health one jump at a time When you get to a certain age the gym seems to lose its luster. For many seniors, bundling up in winter conditions, rain, or wind to get i … read more

Heart Benefits of Rebounding

Feb 14th 2018

We understand matters of the heart.... that is heart benefits of rebounding! Jumping on a trampoline will significantly improve your health and more importantly, target muscles other exercis … read more
Fired Up To Train Like An Olympian

Fired Up To Train Like An Olympian

Feb 5th 2018

Or To Simply Train With Olympic Gusto - Team USA gold medalist Lawrence Trice sheds light on training before and after a competition I’ve come to terms with the fact that it is not my calling in li … read more