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Planning a Sweet Labor Day Party? Make it Count!

Jul 27th 2016

Don’t let summer’s last gasp pass you by without a celebration Labor Day is one of our favorite times of the year. After working hard all year long, it’s a moment we can unwind and simply relax, or pl … read more

How to Make Your Neighborhood a Community

Jun 22nd 2016

Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. Once upon a time, yards weren’t guarded off by 8-foot fences. Instead, kids played all over the neighborhood with their friends, bouncing arou … read more

The Friendship Project, Part 3

Jun 10th 2013

The book of friendship continues to make it’s way around the United States reinforcing the importance of and power behind friendships.  Here are some of the latest entries. Track the book’s journ … read more

The Perfect Storm

Nov 21st 2012

What do you do when you’re an active mom with active kids and the weather is acting up? Frankenstorm on the east coast (of the U.S.) this week forced that question on plenty of us who sought ways to k … read more
Small Revolution Series: Try Bento boxes!

Small Revolution Series: Try Bento boxes!

Jun 6th 2012

The other day while surfing around on the endless TV channels, my children and I agreed to watch “Despicable Me."  My young cubs enjoyed half of the movie until they fell asleep and needed to … read more