Trampoline Training Workouts, Part III: Formula

Trampoline Training Workouts, Part III: Formula

Jul 5th 2011

In response to the number of hits that our blogs have been getting on the subject of workouts, I decided to share with the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™ community my “formula” for putting a class together. The chart I created (view the PDF here ) includes an hour-long workout that you can use for your class, with a personal training client, or in the sacred trampoline training spot in your flat or on your patio.

 This format is very useful and is easily tailored. This lesson plan style was developed by Melanie Guertain, CEO and Director of Education for the GROOVE Method, an innovative and incredibly fun dance fitness workout operating out of Canada, southern California and Mexico. Holding a Master’s Degree in Curriculum Development, Guertain has produced a useful and simple template for teachers or for those who like to operate from a routine.

 In my last post, I described how to create a music playlist to pump up your workout. So as to keep a cohesive nature to my blog posts, you’ll notice that there are song titles with times. I base intensity or recovery on beats per minute and time. I tried to be specific as possible without making this lesson plan a dissertation. I wanted you to be able to keep it on your smart phone or print it off in one sheet. If you have any questions, I’m happy to answer them.  If you are a group instructor, give it a run through before teaching your class, even just a few of the moves per song, so you aren’t working without any frame of reference.  If you are trampoline training on your own, have a grand time! You can always substitute your own music – just try to keep close to the hour-long block of time and don’t forget that each song suits a purpose!

 We also have several workout DVDs available on our website featuring our Master Instructors to help guide your exercise routine for different user levels.

 Enjoy your workout and I’ll back with you next week!

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 Happy and Healthy!


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