Debriefing December

Dec 27th 2011

New Years resolution attached to branch with a clothespin

Well now that the holidays are just about past us, save New Year’s Eve and Day, it’s time for some reflection. What were the strengths and weaknesses associated with this season, and how can we make next year’s better?

As a fitness professional, I saw the gradual decline in members coming to class one to two weeks prior to Thanksgiving and a solid drop off the week before Christmas. We went from a healthy two digit population to a handful of devoted regulars with a “need the class in order to feel good” (collective statement).

Woman running and keeping her exercise resolutionI think for the most part we could all use a little more exercise during next year’s holiday season. Whether it’s strolling a particularly well-decorated avenue, snow-shoeing a favorite trail, or just making sure we meet our minimal, daily, physical requirements of twenty to sixty minutes per day. You can opt to increase your time and/or frequency by staggering your increase a little each week. Parking the car extra far away, plus taking the stairs, plus a walk around the block, plus a 15-20 minute bounce on your JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™ and come out of the holidays feeling great!

I’m not sure about all of you, but even though I resisted the annual baking blitz, I still found us in the kitchen a lot more than I had envisioned. Since my kids and I mastered the double boil method for melting chocolate this year, we are going to take that know how and use it next year for candle making. Holiday breads, cookies and candies are all culinary treasures to be sure but unless eaten in strict moderation, can pack on the pounds big time! I seriously considered putting duct tape over my mouth as we made peppermint bark and dozens of chocolate covered pretzels for my daughter’s day after Christmas birthday goodie bags. Rather than edibles, we will make things that simulate the mixing and rolling and cutting of baking but we will use non-edible products to make personalized, lasting gifts like snow globes and ornaments.

I love the term “food hangover” for it really encapsulates well the feeling of overindulgence and its consequences physically and emotionally. I wish I could report that I wrapped up this Season sans food hangover but to be perfectly candid, I actually ended up with a massive one.  I’m grateful that the 28th is here. People will start coming back to the gym with gusto and motivation. A new crop of members will come through our gym’s doors with New Year’s resolutions of weight loss and healthy living. A healthy lifestyle comes unquestionably with responsibility that requires reflection in order to generate strategies for success. Take a moment to have yourself a merry little December Debrief to help you plan the best Holiday Season 2012 and get ahead of your resolutions now. 

People working out and keeping their New Years resolutions

Wishing you all the best in the new year; may the choices you make throughout the new year align with your healthy vision!

Heidi Aspen Lauckhardt-Rhoades

Professional Fitness Instructor, ACE, AFFA, TRX, IndoBoard, PIA, GROOVE

Writer and Social Media Correspondent

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Twitter: @ATweetFit