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A Look at Competitive Trampolining

Sep 5th 2012

Since school started, my house has become the neighborhood hang out. It’s not because we have great snacks or cool video games, no, it’s because we have two trampolines in the backyard that the kids f … read more
Leaping FOUR-WARD!

Leaping FOUR-WARD!

Mar 5th 2012

February 29th.  What a special day.  Leap year.  My husband and I know a couple that married on February 29th, they obviously have a great sense of humor and enjoy telling people that t … read more
Debriefing December

Debriefing December

Dec 27th 2011

Well now that the holidays are just about past us, save New Year’s Eve and Day, it’s time for some reflection. What were the strengths and weaknesses associated with this season, and how can we make n … read more
Priming Youth Athletes For Success

Priming Youth Athletes For Success

Aug 23rd 2011

Last weekend, as I was enjoying a night out with my girlfriends, I caught a glimpse of the TV monitor overhead and a football game was on. It dawned on me that this wasn’t old footage being aired on a … read more

Livin’ My BMX Dream

Nov 29th 2010

In the early 80’s… I was obsessed with BMX. I had all the magazines, watched racing at the local track when I could, had just the right race bike picked out, and suddenly, without warning, I had ende … read more