JumpSport Can Change it up!

JumpSport Can Change it up!

Jul 13th 2011

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline: A Great Fit for FitBoston Bloggers and Routine Variety

If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. Heard that before, right?

Well, it’s not exactly the approach you want to take when working out. Take, for instance, my older sister. She runs nearly every day – the same route at the same pace for the same distance. And then she’ll ask me, “Why am I not seeing results?” She being my older sister – and thus, infinitely more wiser by three years – I smile and wrap what I say next with love and kindness, “Because you’re doing the same thing over and over again. You’re body is on auto-pilot, Stephanie.” I continue with, “Try skipping for a minute between miles; incorporating sprints into your runs; tackling more hills.” She nods as if she understands; but when you flash forward a few months, we’re having the exact same conversation.

Lucky for me, I suppose, I get bored pretty quickly. I love variety. If I were to do the same thing every single day the exact way I always have, I would feel like I was sleepwalking. And that is why I think the saying “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” is, indeed, broken. So, let's change it up!

Alicia Benjamin and Lisa Johnson co-hosts of FitBostonWhen you’ve had a busy day, an exhausting week, or are simply looking to have a little fun while you sweat, try something new by mixing up your routine, taking a new class, or – better yet – trying a new piece of fitness equipment, like the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, which was part of the interactive demos at FitBoston, a local Boston health bloggers event on July 9th, co-hosted by MeYouHealth, Modern Pilates, and Healthworks at Coolidge Corner.

Recently I was at a health bloggers conference in Boulder, and I met a woman who owns her own fitness studio in town where she trains average people like me as well as Olympic athletics. She said something I’ll never forget – the act of bouncing naturally releases an internal joy in us all. So whether you’re bouncing on a stability ball while seated, slipping on a pair of kangoo shoes, or stepping onto the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline for a workout, you will undoubtedly be smiling and enjoying yourself.

Women doing a JumpSport Fitness trampoline workoutThat’s not to say it won’t be a workout! I especially believe this after seeing Rachel Kobey do a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline demo at FitBoston. Rachel got the crowd excited, and the five lucky volunteers were put through a quick, fifteen-minute workout that had my quads aching just from watching. But you know what? People had fun! Those who volunteered said afterwards that they really wished they had a Fitness Trampoline at their homes. And let me tell you, the two lucky winners of the Fitness Trampoline giveaway were ecstatic when their names were called.

Rachel was doing tricep dips and push-ups on the Fitness Trampoline. I had no idea! Seriously, a JumpSport can change it up! And that’s why I think everyone loved the demonstration at FitBoston – it showed us that you can do way more than plain up-and-down jumping in order to achieve a workout that is effective and enjoyable. After all, variety carries with it momentum. The best kind of workouts, in my opinion, offer up an array of moves that work your entire body and keep you motivated to workout again. Exercise shouldn’t be boring or monotonous!

FitBoston JumpSport Fitness trampoline workout classAt FitBoston's networking event, everyone got the chance to try the Fitness Trampoline. Myself included. Yep, I’m sold. I can see myself now – jumping strong to my favorite music when I need to fit a quick heart-pumping workout into my day, when I want to incorporate cardio interval bursts into my at-home TRX Training, or when I simply have to hop on the Fitness Trampoline for a mood boost during Boston’s bleakest winter days.

Come to think of it, my sister would definitely enjoy having her own Fitness Trampoline. But with three young kids in the house, I have a hunch she’d never get to use it.

How would you fit a Fitness Trampoline into your current workout routine? Let's see how a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline can change it up!

Alicia Benjamin About Alicia: Alicia manages the social media efforts and member community at MeYouHealth, a Boston-based start-up creating web and mobile products to help people improve their well-being through daily small actions. She blogs about healthy living at and is currently studying to become a certified Health & Wellness Coach.