Oh What to Wear? Part 2

Oh What to Wear? Part 2

Oct 5th 2011

Exercise clothing optionsDeciding what to wear is a question we ponder on a daily basis.  Since I have been mentoring and coaching teenagers, I know that this decision is a particularly intense one and usually requires a serious tete-e-tete each day after school. Whether or not you are a fashionista, the question still lingers, “What am I going to wear?” When it comes to working out or engaging in physical activity, the right clothes make the difference.  Since I live in a metropolitan area, I often see people on their lunch break walking for exercise.  It is the odd ball that will actually jog in their office attire. I applaud the commitment, but it cannot be the most enjoyable experience running in a suit, man or woman.

That said, we have a special case on our hands when we talk about trampoline training and in what to don ourselves so that our work out is about, well, working out (as opposed to stewing over the fact that one’s shorts are riding up, your skin is chafing, your heel is blistering, etc..).  This is no place for the expression my grandmother threw around like confetti, “you have to suffer to be beautiful”.  With all of your focus going to the pain or annoyance of your clothes, the likelihood of your form taking a nose dive increases.  In addition, your time working out, the effort you put into it, will be diminished and most importantly, you will not be comfortable! Since the majority of trampoline training is bouncing (you can do static squats and of course all the fun stuff using the frame), it is essential to be suited up in the right duds or you will be wincing all the while.

 People exercising wearing workout gear

Like footwear, my evolution to the perfect work out gear unfolded after trial and error.  I have also watched my students change their clothes to best suit trampoline training.  So, the moment you have been waiting for, a top 3 list of what to wear and a top 3 of what NOT to wear.

What to Wear:

1.   Lycra is your friend: shirts, shorts, capris.

2.  Do wear a well-fitting bra/jock strap with support.

3.  Tennis skirts, loose running shorts (that do not ride up) and shorts that are knee length are good options. Track pants are fine too. 

What NOT to Wear:

1.   Do not wear short shorts that will continuously ride up on you during your work out.

2.   Do not wear Shape-Up sneakers (any sneakers with a rocker sole) or those with too much cushioning; the likelihood of you falling off or twisting your ankle may increase.

3.  Do not wear heavy jewelry: earrings, necklaces or bracelets.  These will tug at your ear lobes, bang at your chest or slither up and down your forearm. 

 Woman wearing makeup and jewelry for a workout which is a bad idea

Consider trampoline training a sport and dress the part.  You will be bouncing, your legs will scissor, and they will mogul; you will squat and perhaps do planks, Pilates, or step.  Prepare for these movements.  Comfortable clothing that breaths, that lends support where you need it most and bottoms that do not ride up are the basic ingredients for a good workout.  Leave the dangling jewelry at home and if you have long hair, bring a rubber band or scrunchee. Even if you wear it around your wrist, you may need it in the first quarter of your class or work out. Beware of your shoes; they should not have too much cushioning.  The flatter the shoe the better: cheer shoes, Keds, Vans, Converse, wrestling shoes or modern dance shoes will provide a more stable and comfortable bounce. Trampoline training is one of the most fun ways to exercise, try not to sabotage your experience with the wrong outfit.  Apply these simple suggestions, and look out! A healthy body and a great time are sure to be gained!

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As Always, Good Health and Happy, Comfy Bouncing!

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