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Road to Fitbloggin’- part 1

May 20th 2013

Road to Fitbloggin’ Series - Reboot the Diet: Find the FUN! Welcome to my seven week series on weight loss! Why seven weeks you ask? Simply, I am going to a fitness blogging conference for JumpSport F … read more

1,000 Items or Less: Could You Do It?

Sep 12th 2012

Starting this week, I began a huge organizational project for a dear friend of mine.  Suzy hired me on as her personal assistant, both domestically and professionally.  Suzy is a children’s entertaine … read more

Bumps and Bruises? Seek Arnica!

Aug 9th 2012

It’s the time of year where we find ourselves on bikes, navigating tight corners to reach the lawn mower, or getting banged-into at crowded venues.  Later in the day, a black and blue mark emerges, wi … read more
Sun Protection 101

Sun Protection 101

Jun 17th 2012

Solar Power: Understanding the Sun and How to Enjoy It While Protecting Yourself! By now, all those living in the northern hemisphere can probably come out of hibernation.  Temperatures are ris … read more
Oh What to Wear? Part 2

Oh What to Wear? Part 2

Oct 5th 2011

Deciding what to wear is a question we ponder on a daily basis.  Since I have been mentoring and coaching teenagers, I know that this decision is a particularly intense one and usually requires a seri … read more