JumpSport. Equipment for Every Body

JumpSport. Equipment for Every Body

Aug 10th 2011

Three people doing cycling cardio workout This summer I have had the pleasure of working with a variety of people, facilitating the tools to help them reach their personal fitness goals.  The back of my van is essentially a rolling gym with props and weights, jump ropes, balls, you name it.  The largest feature of my road show is of course my JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™.

My first group, as I have alluded to in several posts, consists of teenage girls with varying fitness levels.  Since proprioception or balance is critical in building a body from the inside out, that’s precisely where I began our lessons.  The JFT functions as a premier piece of equipment to build these girls (ages 14-15) in terms of their strength, balance, and cardiovascular endurance.  The JFT is a great way to warm up or to provide intensive cardio intervals, Tabatas.  Between these bursts of cardio, I have the girls use weights and props while standing, planking, or laying supine on the trampoline.  The JFT is the one piece of equipment that provides everything we need in order to train regardless of whether or not we have props.  With the trampoline, we do pushups, Pilates on the mat, bridge work, not to mention the intense balance work that we have accomplished, including “The Flamingo” whereby the girls stand on one leg and then wiggle with arms and torso in an effort to challenge their balance (not recommended for all nor without the presence of a professional).Senior woman being active

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™ has also been a fantastic piece of equipment while I work with an active senior citizen that unfortunately suffers from a lot of pain and alignment issues.  Here again, proprioception is critical for her to regain her strength, from her head to her toes.  She really enjoys the mobility that the mat gives her; she gleefully makes hip circles round and round, and while she may not know it, I have witnessed her ability to lift her toes and heels as she progresses week by week.  The gentle pressure created by her low impact bouncing is perfect for her lymphatic system and maintaining skeletal health.  In addition, she is able to enjoy the benefits of a gentle cardiovascular workout.  She is absolutely thrilled with her strength, flexibility and posture.  A beautiful woman before we began working together, she is now absolutely beaming!

And finally, I recently had the honor of working with the Florida International men’s soccer team during their preseason conditioning.  I analyzed the movements of soccer and what areas of the body needed particular attention according to on-field movement patterns: twisting, falling, acceleration/de-acceleration, anaerobic speed, ankle and foot strength, core development, and of course hamstrings, calves, quadriceps and glutes.  I designed a circuit around a playground. Each station was designed in order to provide the aforementioned support and development needed for longevity in the sport.  Of course the JFT was included in our circuit. The exercises on the fitness trampoline included the “basic bounce” which is a low bounce that engages the legs and core; a double bounce with a twist (working the obliques at a quick pace), cardio intervals of jogging/running, and balance work. Group of kids exercising in a fitness class

The point of this entry is to demonstrate how easily the JFT can be modified to suit a body in its present condition and can be used to develop the body to be stronger and more fit.  From the de-conditioned client to collegiate athlete, the JFT is suitable for all fitness levels and functions as your go-to-piece of equipment for working the body as a whole.  In addition, when people, or teams in this case, see the trampoline, they become really excited.  No one can resist the temptation to step onto the JFT and just feel the bounce; some with a little hesitation and some with gusto, but the fact remains that trampolines make people happy.  Happiness should always be in direct correlation with fitness, not drudgery.  Allow your friends, family, and people of all ages, sizes and abilities to try your JFT and watch their faces light up!

In good health...always,

Heidi Aspen Lauckhardt-Rhoades

Professional Fitness Instructor, ACE, AFFA, TRX, Indo, PIA, GROOVE

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