Unique Program for You Or Your Fitness Club

Unique Program for You Or Your Fitness Club

Jun 2nd 2011

Girl exercising on JumpSport Fitness trampoline To paraphrase my mentor, my friend, and Master Instructor for the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, Michelle Hanlon-Mascari, “People in the fitness industry are like mad scientists, give them something new and watch out!” Mascari, a group fitness manager for over twenty years, understands that most fitness teachers are more than just people who have a passion for fitness. We are also artists and performers, or like painters with a new brush or a software programmer with the latest piece of hardware – we will take that piece of equipment and try it, absorb it, and ultimately make it our own.

 Take Lisa Canora-Gagliardi, Group Fitness Director for THE GYM at Armonk, New York.  Ms. Canora-Galgliardi introduced Trampoline Training with JumpSport Fitness trampolines to her facility beginning in March.  Since then she has developed a loyal and enthusiastic following. “The classes are unbelievable!” she tells me, “The members are flipping out over it!” Other instructors have taken the lead and are also offering Trampoline Training and are garnering the same response. In fact, there is a successful Teen Trampoline Training program that was launched in early April and of course, in walked the mad scientist!

 To implement a Trampoline Training series designed specifically for teens ages 11-16 demonstrates the creative nature of a fitness professional. The classes are well attended. The teens take the school district afterschool activity bus to the gym, pay $15 per class and enjoy 55 minutes of top 40 music and a great work out taught by Jamie George, a dynamic and beloved teen favorite.

 The Teen Trampoline Training program is a fabulous example of taking a class or a program and making it unique by giving it a special niche.  By creating a genre, you position yourself or your club to provide a service that no one else has.  You are creating options for teens, elders, new moms, new dads, returning soldiers, parents without partners, etc., to bounce and gain the benefits of trampoline training, to create a community, and to leverage the joy of bringing people of similar backgrounds together in a lifestyle that encourages clean, active living.

 Use THE GYM’s model to create programs for a variety of people. I encourage you to look at their website ( and check out their group fitness schedule as well as their youth fitness schedule.  These are great schedules to provide food for thought. Feed that passion, that inner artist, that performer. Hone your creativity in a way that benefits you, your community, and the product (in this case, the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline), and watch your crops grow, grow, and grow!

 In good health and prosperity!

 Heidi Lauckhardt-Rhoades Dance and Group Fitness Teacher Recreational Adult Dance Workshops and Productions Writer and Social Media Correspondent FB: The Write Fit & Open Barre Happy Hour