Michelle Hanlon-Mascari

Michelle Hanlon-Mascari

May 28th 2012

An Interview with Michelle Hanlon-Mascari, Master JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Instructor

This week I had the opportunity to have a “walk and talk” with Master JumpSport Fitness™ Trampoline Instructor, Michelle Hanlon-Mascari.  Michelle has been with JumpSport for almost two years, and she is as passionate about teaching trampoline training as ever.  Her enthusiasm for the JFT is catching and in her special way, she is a Johnny Appleseed of the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™ .

Michelle will be the first to tell you address  that she is the mother of 2 and has 3 dogs with a combined weight of about 12 pounds.  Michelle could very well be likened to her small pups in that she is constantly on the go-go and always happy to see you.

She was busy stacking JFT’s and putting equipment away when I caught her.  I asked her if she preferred to conduct our interview while she worked and she said with a Pomeranian smile, “Do you mind?”

Michelle’s upper body becomes a mass of small outlines, her muscles contracting as she lifts a JFT over hear head to stack it.  “The quality of the [JFT] equipment  is beyond compare,” she huffs out, “The quality gives you such diversity. There are a tremendous amount of exercises to pull from and to create new programming as well."

Known for her collection of creative instructor personalities, she invites the “mad scientist” in her “artists” as she refers to her instructors, to explore equipment and fuse, synergize, or create new ways to move the body casting a wide net and appealing to a larger and diverse audience.

“In a multilevel class for example, the intensity can easily be customized by the individual by how much effort the person is putting into the trampoline; the impact is controllable.  The “tramp” can also be used from the bottom, the top, and the side, thereby working in all planes (frontal, sagital and transverse). Using props like the TRX or weights is easy because the trampoline is your cardio interval.”

Perspiration rolls down Michelle’s chest as she hauls the last of her trampolines in the back of the studio.  She looks at me, her elbows bent in an “L” shape, her long nails clustered, pumping up and down, “And what about the lymphatic system? The bone density! I love how this addresses the lymphatic system? I mean c’mon! It’s fabulous!”

Michelle resumes her work lining up kettle bells and tidying up the studio, at Cutting Edge Fitness in Boca Raton, Florida where she was recently hired to become their Program Director.  A bevy of classes using the JFT are on the schedule including “Tramp and TRX” and the ever popular, “Tramp Camp."

“It’s the endorphin release that is so special about trampoline training, it really is the it factor. It’s a safe and effective way to release endorphins, no other piece of cardio equipment in group fit[ness] can give you that result and it’s perfect for men, women, kids, and every level."

“You know I’m really impressed by JumpSport [Fitness™] because they continue to listen to the consumer.  The product is great for a person at home using it by themselves, in group fitness, personal trainers, or even physical therapists. The constant adapting to the market place is something that is awesome.  The new collapsible JFT and the plyo-kit? JumpSport is really taking all measures to meet the needs and desires of everybody involved in fitness and wellness."

With over twenty five years experience in the fitness industry and a leader in her own right, Michelle has seen a lot of products come and go.  With JumpSport, it’s a different story, she tells me, “The endorphin rush, that hormonal release, it’s what grabs people and gives them that stress relief that they want so badly.”

Michelle can be found in Boca Raton working with her circle of mad scientists or on the road with JumpSport Fitness Trampoline™.  She is a much sought after Master Instructor known for her passion, safety, and client-first approach.  She delivers a heart pounding workout that ensures everybody in the room is, using her favorite catch phrase, “ON FIRE!”.

Michelle Hanlon-Mascari teaches several trampoline classes per week.  She has facilitated the popularity of the work out with numerous gyms and studios in south Florida and in New York.  To interact with Michelle or to watch her classes, check out Cutting Edge Fitness on FaceBook or follow her @CuttingEdgeBoca on Twitter.

Join me next week as I begin a series on downsizing.  From pizza cupcakes to living with 900 items or less, this series will be an eye opener and perhaps have you thinking about how less is more in your life.

Until then, stay healthy and reflect joy!

Heidi Aspen Lauckhardt-Rhoades

Writer and Social Media Correspondent

Fitness Professional

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