From Box to Bounce in 10 Minutes!

May 23rd 2013

My JumpSport Fitness trampolineThis might sound like an advertisement and to a degree, it is (after all, you’re on the JumpSport® trampoline blog!) but if you want the straight scoop about how easy it is to set up and use a JumpSport® Fitness™ Trampoline, read on.

 My fitness trampoline was well packaged

As soon as our JumpSport® Fitness™ Trampoline arrived in the mail I asked my husband to help me assemble it.  Little did I know that putting it together myself would have been a snap.  But with his help, I was able to take photos that demonstrate the simplicity of it all.Removing protective plastic

Easy-to-understand directions ensured our success.  After slipping the trampoline bed out of it’s packaging, my husband attached the six legs with the Allen wrench, included in the box.  Minutes later - 10 to be exact - I was jumping on my new rebounderDetailed instructions made the JumpSport Fitness trampoline easy to assemble

The DVD that arrived with the trampoline was perfect for me, the beginning rebounder, and at the same time, ideal for me, the ex-marathon runner.

To be clear, I see myself as “athletic” but not an athlete, so I like to do an exercise routine to the max but I also want to be wise and balanced about my workouts.  The JumpSport® Fitness™ trampoline helped me meet both criteria.

My 11-year old son was jazzed by watching me try out our new rebounder!  He “jumped” right in, too, by following along with the exercises shown on the DVD.  We took turns bouncing and encouraging each other (amidst a few goofs and giggles) as we tried to perfect each move.

Now, a few months later, I haven’t stopped bouncing.  By working out 4 to 5 times a week in 30 - 60 minute sessions on my JumpSport® Fitness™ Trampoline, I’ve increased my stamina, strength, and flexibility.

Something I didn’t expect from JumpSport® was the variety of high-quality rebounding workout DVDs they produce.  Each one allows me to follow routines lead by fitness professionals like Abbie Appel and Krista Popowych.  The DVD’s offer viewers the option of working at a beginner, intermediate, or advanced level, giving them a moderate or challenging workout and address core, abs, balance, strength training, and more!

So don’t let your exercise routine get stale.  Let it “out of the box” by adding a JumpSport® Fitness™ Trampoline to the mix and see what happens!