Road to Fitbloggin- part 6

Jun 20th 2013

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Road to Fitbloggin: One week to go and how many pounds?

Fitbloggin is next week! This is JumpSport Fitness 3rd year in a row as a sponsor. It is a cool event run by even cooler people. I am very excited:  t-shirts are ordered, workout towels are on their way, flight/hotel booked, I still need to rent a car….But the big questions is: am I going to lose 20 lb in time for FitBloggin’?

The answer is no I am not. So far I have lost 13.3 pounds….which means I would have to lose 6.7 pounds in 7 days to make the original goal. Although I could probably do it if I set my mind to it, it would not be healthy nor would it stay off. The point is to be healthy not be skinny (please note: I would not be skinny if I managed to lose the additional 7lbs). I am going to revise my goal to 16 pounds and simply move forward. All progress is good progress.

I am not the only one looking forward to Fitbloggin though. Jeff McMullen is gearing up for his class….

 Remember to sign up for Jeff’s class!  We only have 20 spots left.  Everyone who attends will get a workout towel!   And as Jeff said, we will be giving away 3 fitness trampolines right after the conference.  To enter, simply take a picture of yourself jumping and tag it @fittrampoline #jumpin to enter.  Anyone can enter this contest not just people attending Fitbloggin!  So, if you are at home and want to win, take a picture of yourself jumping and #jumpin on the conversation.  Details will be posted next week!  Come by our booth to take a fitness challenge and possibly win a hat, water bottle or…..the chance to blog for JumpSport Trampolines.

 The seven weeks of blogging that I committed to will be ending in two weeks.  The question really is should I continue to blog about trying to be a working mom and getting in shape?  I did promise to try out the three different food logging apps which is going to take a while, so I have at least one more fitness blog in me after it is all said and done.  I also just started a new DietBet yesterday.  I needed something to kick start me into working out again (I have been very bad with my workouts this week.  I have no one to blame but myself).  I have found that blogging, just like DietBet and the FitBit help keep me on track.


Fitbit One replacement from customer service for my broken Fitbit UltraSpeaking of the FitBit, mine broke!  I was heartbroken.  I love my FitBit and just not a little either!  I immediately contacted their customer service team and they agreed to replace the faulty Ultra (since they do not make it any more) with a One!   I am trying it out this week and I will let you know how it goes.  I have to say the customer service from FitBit was stellar.  It was so nice to deal with a company that stands behind their products and cared that a customer who really loved their product needed help.  It’s my humble opinion now, everyone should buy a FitBit!

 I wonder how accurate the FitBit is with bouncing.  I think this week I might try a little experiment.  Let’s see if the One keeps track of bounces as well as it does steps….

 Happy Bouncing!


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