JumpSport at FitBloggin’ 11

JumpSport at FitBloggin’ 11

May 25th 2011

Women in JumpSport Fitness trampoline class at FitBloggin 2011

JumpSport at FitBloggin' 11: Where a Community Connects and Inspires

One of the coolest things about JumpSport Fitness Trampolines is its novelty.  Because of it being a small trampoline, people seem to get very excited, and an energy builds around it.  Folks of all ages feel a pull to the JFT and just want to get on board and bounce!

Last week, Team JumpSport attended the FitBloggin’ conference in Baltimore.  FitBloggin’ is an annual event for fitness bloggers that combines workshops for better blogging and social networking technology with a variety of fitness classes.  In addition to co-sponsoring the Welcome Reception (a meet and greet along with name tag decoration and nosh), we hosted a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline class taught by one of our amazing Master Instructors, Abbie Appel.

The Welcome Reception was the debut for JumpSport at FitBloggin' 11.  Despite a day of long travel for most attendees, the four trampolines that we set out for on-the-fly bouncing saw their fair amount of traffic. When we announced a giveaway raffle, a virtual stampede rushed our table as business cards rained down into our prize drawing bucket.

At noon on Friday we held our JumpSport Fitness Trampoline class.  The hotel staff was extremely helpful in setting up the forty trampolines to accommodate our class. Conference attendees rushed to find their trampoline and at once began to take pictures, videos, and Tweet to their Twitter followers.

Abbie introduced the product, and as she did, fingers were flying across the small keyboards of phones attesting to the speed of today’s real time communication and the power of social media.

Abbie Appel and the JumpSport Fitness trampoline class at FitBloggin 2011With the workout underway, Abbie took the class through a variety of movements that, by the sound of the crowd, were both challenging and fun. Collective hooting and cheering sounded throughout the hour-long workout.  I took a number of pictures and was very pleased by the response of the bloggers to our product. Smiling faces could be seen at all times; they really seemed to genuinely enjoy the workout and gave Abbie a huge round of applause when the class was over.

Once the class ended, participants whipped out their cameras, phones and laptops and immediately began documenting their experience.  People took turns being photographers and being photographed. I was also asked by a freelance reporter from Los Angeles for a video interview about the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline.  No one seemed to escape the infectious buzz of media streaming the room!

Two thumbs up for the JumpSport Fitness trampoline from FitBloggin 2011In addition to the reception and the class, JumpSport at FitBloggin' 11 was represented with a booth at the tradeshow, alongside a conglomeration of highly selective brands and products to be viewed, experienced and ultimately blogged and Tweeted about by the attendees.

Many of the bloggers wrote about weight loss and one individual in particular had already lost one hundred pounds.  She had approached us at the Welcome Reception timidly asking the weight limit.  We allayed her fears about “breaking the trampoline” and ultimately she came back into the expo area for a try.  She handed me her camera and asked me if I would take pictures of her, of course I would!  She placed one foot cautiously on the trampoline and then the other.  She took a few small bounces just digging her heels into the mat.  With her confidence building, her bounces became more airy and springy.  Her face morphed into an enormous smile.  I clicked away, taking several pictures documenting her milestone experience.  She was so proud of being able to get onto the trampoline and bounce.  “That was so much fun” she said.  She beamed with a sense of accomplishment and undoubtedly shared the event with her online community.

The JumpSport Fitness Trampoline received a great deal of attention from bloggers, members of the fitness industry and every hotel staff member that passed by our stacks of trampolines.  It was a successful event that broadened people’s awareness of exercise opportunities.  Workouts do not have to be limited to treadmills, elliptical machines or walking, our “new kid on the block” offers a unique and fun way to burn calories, increase spatial awareness, and kick the lymphatic system into overdrive.

If you received a Tweet or blogged about your experience with the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, please share your thoughts and pictures from FitBloggin’ on our Facebook Fitness Trampoline Fan page.  We would love your feedback of JumpSport at FitBloggin'11!  And to those lucky winners that had the winning raffle tickets, please take pictures and share your stories about using the JFT.  We love hearing about your workouts and how you are using the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline at work, home, watching TV, sharing with your kids, and more.

To learn more about FitBloggin’ and the bloggers that attended (and their remarkable blogs!), visit Read, get inspired, and share your own stories.  Social media is in fact very social.  Get in on it!

Author Heidi Lauckhardt-Rhoades Dance at FitBloggin 2011

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