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Benefits of Rebounding

The Most Versatile, Efficient, and Effective Workout.

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Lymphatic System

Rebounding naturally and effectively cleanses the lymphatic system to push out toxins and exercise the body at a cellular level.

Wellness & Recovery

Low-impact bouncing provides a total body workout that is gentle yet efficient for whole body well-being and quick recovery time post-workout.


Reduce blood pressure, improve circulation, and oxygenate blood vessels when rebounding while building a stronger heart muscle for the ideal cardio workout.

Weight Loss

Trampoline workouts improve muscle-to-fat ratio, boost metabolism, and improve resting metabolic rate to burn more calories.

Keep Your Body Young

Feel younger, look younger, and stay healthier by protecting joints, regenerating skin cells, exercising the brain, and strengthening the musculoskeletal system.

Balance & Mental Health

Rebounding balances both body and mind by increasing stability and strengthening the inner ear muscle to improve balance and release endorphins.


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Workout on a JumpSport fitness trampoline

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JumpSport Fitness Trampoline Details

Elastic Cords

Smooth, quiet EnduroLast elastic cords provide a long lasting, cushioned bounce that is customizable to your fitness level or preference.

Arched Legs

Jump confidently with arched legs that provide stability and prevent tipping for added safety.

More Space

Be free to move more. The durable jumping surface extends over the cords to add protection and additional space for increased creativity.


300 series+ models feature reinforced stitching and enhanced lay-flat mat technology keeping your jumping skirt or padded petal down for added protection and space.

JumpSport Fitness Buyer's Guide.

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JumpSport Fitness 39 inch trampolines

39" Most Popular 200 & 300 Series 200-300 lb Weight Rating

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44" Firmest Bounce 400 & 500 Series 275-325 lb Weight Rating

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JumpSport Fitness trampoline accessories

Accessories Enhanced Versatility Handle Bars, PlyoFit Strength Training Kit and more

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Workout on a JumpSport fitness trampoline

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Access 2000+ hours of programming including classes from the best trampoline studios on the JumpSport Fitness TV app for iOS, Android Mobile, Apple TV, or Roku.

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