Autumn-atic Slim Down

Oct 16th 2012

As many readers of this blog know, I live in sunny South Florida.  It’s a fabulous place during the dead of winter what with our sandy beaches, azure skies, and palm fronds swaying, but until that “dead of winter” arrives—sayHot weather with thermostat and sun January—we here in SoFla hole up in our air-conditioning, awaiting the heat to break. By the time the summer, or rainy season, comes to an end, it’s not unusual for many of us to have packed on the pounds.

Given that we are going from one air-conditioned environment to the next with little tolerance for the oft unbearable heat, we become sedentary and with no place for calories to go, and they collect in various spots around our bodies. Generally we will feel a reprieve during mid-October.  The buzz is that we’re just a week or so away from a cool spell.  When the humidity gives way to invigorating air and the sun’s strength dials down, all of us locals pour out of our homes and take in the delightful 70’s and 80’s temperatures. With the holidays and season for international convergence into South Florida for jet-setting fun-in-the-sun just around the corner, it’s high time for the Autumnal slim down.

Undoubtedly what’s most essential is that one doesn’t gain the weight in the first place, however, to err is human.  With that said I began compiling new information regarding weight-loss and below are the pearls of contemporary wisdom associated with shedding excess or cabin-fever-accrued, weight.

Fortified cereals fish and dairy are high in vitamin D

Teaser: apples, broccoli, cabbage, artichokes, eggs, salmon, warm water with lemon, red clover tea, and other dark leafy vegetables can all be put on your shopping list this week. Here goes! A fatty liver does nothing to help your weight-loss.  If your liver has been inundated with alcohol, processed foods, lots of meat, or medication, you may want to consider flushing your liver to stimulate weight loss.  As the liver is responsible for a variety of digestive mechanisms, it lives up to its ancient name, “life.” The article, “Fast Track Liver Detox” in Experience Life magazine written by Ann Louise Gittleman offers readers a sufficient understanding of the liver and its metabolic function as well as methods to detoxify our livers and position our bodies for successful weight-loss.News Flash: The other “IT” factor for losing weight is vitamin D.   Best friend “B” had been talking about it, as she is an afternoon talk show devotee, and apparently vitamin D has been making the TV circuit. Ever the sleuth, I started to research the hubbub and learned that a vitamin D deficiency can lead to over-eating and poor insulin levels.  The tidiest synopsis heralding the benefits of vitamin D comes from an article in Men’s Health, “Feed Your Fat Burner: Could a common nutrient be the antidote to an overweight America? Explore the surprising benefits of a vitamin that’s hiding in plain sight” written by Alisa Bowman.  Learn how to boost your intake of vitamin D not just through sun light or supplements but vitamin D rich foods such as fatty fish and eggs that can assist you with your slim down.In addition to being aware of “Q in and Q out” (calories in and calories out), with moderate but frequent exercise (see blog post, Three Times the Charm) I’m incorporating TLC for my liver and “up-ing” the ante on my D consumption.  With the holiday season just a couple of months away, let’s let the autumn-atic slim down begin! 

Whether you’re planning on beaching it or hitting the slopes, a lean and clean body makes life all the more vibrant!

Hands framing sunshine which is high in vitamin D

Wishing you good health and happiness,

Heidi Aspen Lauckhardt-Rhoades

Writer and Social Media Correspondent

Fitness Professional

Twitter: @ATweetFit