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DVD PlyoFit Have a Ball: McCormick

DVD PlyoFit Have a Ball: McCormick

Irene McCormick shows you can use weighted toning balls and the PlyoFit to enhance your workouts. You will go through hip and leg sequences combining lower body movements with an upper body resistance component. Your agility will be challenged through adding the variable of having to bounce the ball on the PlyoFit.

DVD Run-Time: 34 mins (34:13)

Plyofit Have a Ball!

Get Ready for a FUN Workout with the PlyoFit Have a Ball DVD! Irene McCormick starts your PlyoFit exercise with a quick cardio warm-up on stationery JumpSport Fitness Trampoline.


  • DVD Run-Time: 34 mins
  • Starring: Irene McCormick

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