DVD PlyoFit® Workout in the Park: Carver/McCormick

DVD PlyoFit Workout in the Park: Carver/McCormick


Fitness personalities Steve Carver and Irene McCormick show you several exercises to improve your upper and lower body strength, balance and agility fitness. You will learn how to use weighted balls for both agility and core strength training. Plus, Irene and Steve will show you how much FUN you will have by including the PlyoFit® into your exercise routine.

DVD Run-Time: 16 minutes (16:30)

PlyoFit® Workout in the Park!

Improve Balance, Strength & Agility! Now you can extend the benefits of exercising on the JumpSport® Fitness Trampoline by turning it into a multi-functional exercise tool with the PlyoFit® Adapter Kit. The PlyoFit® Workout in the Park DVD is included with the purchase of a PlyoFit® or PlyoFit® PRO.


  • DVD Run-Time: 16 minutes
  • Starring: Steve Carver and Irene McCormick

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