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2023 JumpSport Fitness Shopping Guide

New to Rebounding? We got You! Shop our Fitness Guide to find the right trampoline & accessories to help you (or your family) get started living an active, healthier, & happier life for 2023.

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200 SERIES Trampolines
  • 39" Black Frame
  • 30 EnduroLast Cords, Non-Adjustable
  • Soft Bounce
  • Various Leg Styles
  • Home Users Only

300 & 300 PRO SERIES

300 & 300 PRO SERIES Trampolines
  • 39" Silver Frame
  • 30 or 36 EnduroLast Cords, Adjustable
  • Soft or Firm Bounce
  • Arched Legs
  • Home & Commercial Quality

400 & 500 PRO SERIES

500 PRO SERIES Trampolines
  • 44" Charcoal Gold Frame
  • 36 EnduroLast Cords, Adjustable
  • Firmest Bounce
  • Arched Legs
  • Home & Commercial Quality
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Lifetime Warranty

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Benefits of Rebounding on a Fitness Trampoline

Benefits of Rebounding Video Thumbnail
Weight Loss Icon

Weight Loss

This is at the top of our list because meeting a healthy weight goal and maintaining it is on most adult and now even young people’s minds. The act of rebounding works every muscle of the body; it is a true total body workout which improves your muscle-to-fat ratio. It can reduce cellulite (yes, read that again), and burn calories fast. Jumping on a fitness trampoline boosts metabolism and improves resting metabolic rate so you can burn calories long after a workout.

Cardio Icon


Often times we read the word cardio and we think of a type of high-energy workout like Zumba where there is a lot of dancing or moving. But we are talking about the Heart; your life line. One of the over-looked benefits of rebounding on a fitness trampoline is the way it can actually strengthen your heart. It can hold of incidents of heart disease by increasing lipids that work with proteins to move the fat out at a cellular level.

Lymphatic System Icon

Lymphatic System

One of the benefits of rebounding is that it positively affects your body at a molecular and cellular level. Many oncologists recommend their patients to start rebounding even after they are in remission to help cleanse the lymphatic system. The lymphatic system is how your body gets rid of harmful things and is key to overall health. The lymphatic system also supports your immune system so if you run out of airborne, don’t stress; just jump on your trampoline!

Balance & Mental Health Icon

Balance & Mental Health

Speaking of stress, rebounding will help relax you! The same exercise that can release endorphins and give you energy can also help you sleep better at night. One of the other benefits of rebounding is improved mental performance. Rebounding helps circulate oxygen to the tissues including your brain. It can help your whole family stay focused; some studies have shown children with short attention spans can center and re-group by jumping on a trampoline.

Keep Your Body Young Icon

Keep Your Body Young

It’s like a springing fountain of youth! One of the other benefits of rebounding is that it slows down atrophy in the aging process. It also protects joints from chronic fatigue and the impact your body would absorb if you were just working out on a hard surface. It activates the pituitary gland which stimulates bones and encourages growth which is especially key in young children who are still developing.

Wellness & Recovery Icon

Wellness & Recovery

Jumping on the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline is a gentle and natural way to heal the body and detox to achieve total body wellness and recovery. Rebounding releases endorphins and adrenaline which allows the body to de-stress and feel energized, even after just a few minutes of bouncing. Jumping also exercises every cell which strengthens them which aids in faster recovery.

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Shape-up with Trampoline Boot Camp

Learn more about the benefits of trampoline bootcamp workouts or experience them at home with JumpSport Fitness TV. Trainers & Fitness Pro's can enlist in the Boot Camp Course with Sgt. Ken.

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The Most Versatile Fitness Trampoline Exercises Ever

From Barre Workouts to HIIT training, elevate your workouts with the low-impact and instability benefits of a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline. Designed for both club and in-home use, the smooth bouncing elastic cords are ideal for active kids through active aging adults!

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