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Cardio Core Express DVD

Cardio Core Express DVD


Work your core and get that heart rate up with Cardio Core Express trampoline workout DVD! Irene McCormick will show you how your fitness rebounder can be used for more than just bouncing!

DVD Run-Time: 39 minutes
Starring: Irene McCormick
Co-Starring: Abbie Appel, Jeff McMullen

Cardio Core Express!

Get a 1-2 jump on your workout using this express, 30-minute interval workout. Cardio Core EXPRESS offers a complete cardio and core workout in just 30-minutes by following the ACSM Guidelines for interval training using a 2:1 ratio. We'll do cardio segments for 3 minutes, followed by 90 second intervals of muscle endurance work using the stability bar and our own body weight. You will find this a highly-effective and challenging exercise option and we guarantee it to be low-impact, challenging and effective!


  • DVD Run-Time: 39 minutes
  • Starring: Irene McCormick
  • Co-Starring: Jeff McMullen and Abbie Appel

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