Fitness Education Teacher Spotlight: Brandi Burzuto

Posted by Pam Powers on Aug 17th 2017

Brandi Burzuto has been teaching K-5 physical education for 25 years at Silver Star Elementary School in Washington State. She coaches an after-school unicycle club that performs at half-time shows … read more
Family Fitness Can Instill Healthy Habits

Family Fitness Can Instill Healthy Habits

Aug 9th 2017

9 healthy activities you can do with your kids. The problem of obesity is not one that just affects adults. For a number of years, health experts have been warning about this dangerous trend in … read more

4 Games You Can Play with a Plyometric Rebounder

Jun 14th 2017

Here’s how you can make fitness a whole lot more fun Unless you’re a workout nut who loves nothing more than lacing up your running shoes and going for a jog or hitting the gym, you probably aren’t … read more