How JumpSport Fitness trampolines can help your Gym retain customers

How JumpSport Fitness trampolines can help your Gym retain customers

Posted by Andrea Pena Ramos, Owner of Fit 7/8 Studios on Aug 5th 2019

Gym membership retention is possible with JumpSport Fitness Trampolines

Thanks to technology, apps make it easy for customers to “gym-hop” from one workout in a studio to another fitness club the next day. Research shows that people are increasingly adopting this consumer habit, arguing that attending just one studio does not serve all their fitness needs. People are looking for changing and challenging routines. Here is where JumpSport Fitness has your back.

We can easily fall into routines that make fitness feel more like a chore than fun. Traditional fitness equipment such as dumbbells, kettlebells, mats, or resistance bands have been used in routines with little or no variation throughout the years. Thus, finding versatility can be challenging for fitness instructors. When I first heard about JumpSport Fitness Trampolines, they took my gym to an entirely new level. Performing exercises on an exercise trampoline is more challenging than on a solid surface. In addition to incorporating a rebounder to your current fitness routines, mini-trampolines can be used as a platform for innovative and challenging new fitness routines such as: dance-based cardio, HIIT training, Bootcamp, Barre, Sculpting, and more.

Mini-trampolines allow you to create intense classes with low body stress. Low-Impact = Low Body Stress.

This is a huge benefit, and as a studio or gym, you can relate to this. For example, if you offer a HIIT class where you do big jumps on the floor and hard moves involving stress on the body, you’ll get a good sweat, but the jarring impact may be felt the next day. You, and ultimately your customer, will probably need a rest day and will not be able to workout 5 days a week. Now, if you offer this HIIT class on a trampoline you customer will also get a great sweat, burn more calories, and the reduced impact on their joints will allow him or her to come-back the next day, eager for more!

According to A.C.E. research, a 20 minute JumpSport Fitness Trampoline workout burns as many calories as 30 minutes of running.

I’ve used JumpSport Fitness Trampolines in my multiple studios for the past five years and customers have become addicted to the high versatility, evident results, and the post workout endorphin RUSH. We started out with min-trampoline cardio workouts, but after seeing the results we’ve added more classes. We used to work strength on the floor but now have switched to doing the whole Strength/HIIT class using a trampoline. We noticed working out on the trampoline activated about 40% more muscle fibers and eliminated knee pain and back pain.

Implementing the JumpSport Fitness Trampoline at your studio or gym will allow you to create and keep creating. We choreograph 25 routines every month with the trampoline and the ideas never end. You will be able to give a wide range of classes and offer a complete program involving: strength, cardio, sculpting, and balance. By having a complete program and constantly impressing with new routines, you will easily deter your customers from hoppin’ one gym to another.

Be the ALL IN fitness studio–with JumpSport Fitness, it’s possible!