Here’s What Fitness Trampoline Trendsetter Eva Longoria Has To Say About Her JumpSport

Jul 12th 2021

Eva Longoria has been obsessed with the latest workout trend of rebounding on a personal fitness trampoline. Back in November 2020 she was introduced to the aerobic cardio workout from the ness nyc boutique fitness studio via her good friend Elsa Collins who then gifted her a JumpSport Fitness 350 trampoline and revealed to world on Instagram her excitement over the unboxing.

"It's supposed to be the 'Rolls Royce' of trampolines," she said. "I gotta say it does look different—in a good way."

The media has had a frenzy with Longoria posting regularly about her new favorite workouts. Here’s what some of the editors have to say from Eat This, Shape, Haute Living, The Zoe Report, Women’s Health Mag, and Your Daily Sport Fix.

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