Fitness Fusion Workout: Barre Meets Low-Impact Cardio

Fitness Fusion Workout: Barre Meets Low-Impact Cardio

Mar 12th 2019

We hear from health clubs and managers time and again that they want higher class participation and increased retention. It’s a known fact that Group X classes have massively grown in popularity due to innovative workouts, variety, instruction, and the camaraderie.

Recently fusion workout classes that combine two or more modalities have hit the stage. We’ve all seen the yoga and pilates mix or cycle with hand weights combo in the past. Other groups of people have become die-hard advocates for high-intensity interval training (HIIT) for it’s efficiency and effectiveness. What I want to know, are there still huge rooms of people doing Zumba, a mix of aerobic dance and core strengthening?

Now, a new fusion workout that is winning fast fans combines the strengthening and lengthening of traditional barre (ballet-dance style) routines with the cardio and fun of a JumpSport Fitness trampoline. “Fitness trampolines, equipped with a special barre, offer a novel platform for exercisers to blend low-impact but high intensity cardio with strength drills, core work and active flexibility,” says Tracey Mallett, the creator and lead of the bootybarre BOUNCE revolution.

Mallett explains, “Unlike some HIIT workouts, these cardio trampoline-barre regimens are easier on the joints, thereby offering broad appeal to exercisers of all ages and fitness levels, from novices to advanced.” She specifically uses a JumpSport Fitness trampoline with a bar attachment for her fusion workout. Beginners can rely on the bar for stability if necessary, while experienced bouncers can boost intensity as they want with a faster pace and higher jumps. “The workouts can be easily regressed and progressed to suit individual needs and preferences,” she notes.

As many of us know, rebounding on a mini trampoline adds an element of fun to a workout (without the repetitive pounding) that other modalities can’t deliver. According to studies, additional benefits include:

  1. Increased cardiovascular endurance
  2. Improved circulation and lymphatic flow
  3. Elevated metabolism
  4. Stronger musculoskeletal system via increased G-force
  5. Better balance
  6. Higher endorphins
  7. Fun!

And barre exercises are more challenging on the trampoline due to the movement of the mat. Studies show that barre workouts provide a focus on precise, small movements and repeated pulses and squeezes to achieve muscle fatigue and failure, as well as:

  1. Greater muscular strength and endurance
  2. Enhanced flexibility
  3. Better posture
  4. Improved core strength
  5. Mind-body connection

So, when you combine rebounding and barre routines you get a total-body exercise.

The benefits of any fusion workout program in your health club or studio include higher group ex participation, increased adherence and retention, a popular point of differentiation from competitors and a potential new revenue stream.

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Tracey Mallett is creator of bootybarre Bounce, a JumpSport Fitness Premier Partner, and can be reached at [email protected]. For more information visit