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Quick Workouts at Home

Feb 23rd 2015

Quick Workouts At Home If you are a work-at-home or stay-at-home parent, you know that every day can be a challenge to balance a multitude of demands. But just because you spend your days at … read more

Trampolines: Best Exercise for Kids

Feb 20th 2015

With childhood obesity on the rise, I am making it my mission to find the best exercise for kids. Just the mention of exercise will have many children rolling their eyes or running into their rooms … read more

Circuit workouts for kids

Feb 20th 2015

You've probably heard of circuit training for adults – a series of physical activities that often includes aerobics and body conditioning. What you probably haven't heard is that circuit wor … read more

The Best Resources for Exercises for Kids

Oct 24th 2014

School activities, cuddling under warm blankets, colorful fall leaves – autumn brings with it a lot of wonderful things. But sometimes seasonal changes can also have some negative effects; becaus … read more

Do my kids get enough exercise?

Sep 3rd 2014

Do you feel like you or your kids get enough exercise? Between caring for a toddler and an infant and working, it's difficult to find "me-moments" in the day for an exercise routine. I know my 2-year- … read more