Trampolines: Best Exercise for Kids

Feb 19th 2015

A trampoline is the best exercise equipment for kidsWith childhood obesity on the rise, I am making it my mission to find the best exercise for kids. Just the mention of exercise will have many children rolling their eyes or running into their rooms to hide. That's because many kids think exercise is boring and repetitive. But just how parents hide veggies in dishes to enhance their kids' nutrition, it's best to select activities that boost physical fitness without kids even knowing they are working out. Bottom line: when it's fun, exercise comes naturally!

That's why trampolines are such a wonderful option and the best exercise for kids. With numerous health benefits including combating childhood obesity, it's a smart investment for kids of all ages. Kids as young as two years old can enjoy trampoline fun. My toddler loves the iBounce Kids Trampoline – an award-winning, triangle kid-sized tramp with sturdy handle bars for stability.

Here are 10 awesome benefits your kids will enjoy when they jump on a trampoline – smiles and giggles not included!

1. Boost Cardio  Jumping quickly gets little hearts pumping, making it a wonderful way to boost cardiovascular activity.

2. Increase muscle strength You may not associate muscle health with jumping on a trampoline, but from their tiny toes to their stomach muscles, jumping can really boost strength, too.

Exercising on the iBounce kids trampoline3. Burn calories About one in three American kids and teens is overweight or obese, according to the American Heart Association. Trampoline jumping burns calories quickly and helps maintain healthy weight, another key point why its the best exercise for kids.

4. Burn energy Kids won't be bouncing off the walls (and driving you crazy) when they are bouncing on a trampoline. Jumping helps burn excess energy and can therefore help kids focus and sleep better. Parenting win!

5. Fine-tune motor skills The brain works with the body while jumping so children can practice coordination and control. It also increases neuropath ways allowing them to focus more throughout the day.

6. Improve Balance Coordinating jumping is great balance practice. This can benefit balance skills outside the trampoline, too!

7. Increase Flexibility Because muscles and joints are moving fast while jumping on a trampoline, your son or daughter's flexibility will improve.

8. Encourage Bone health Your child's bones are forming and jumping is a great way to strengthen bone density. This can prevent future fractures.

9. Teach Perseverance Children must try multiple times to learn new trampoline skills, and this can help instill the importance of perseverance.

10: Boost Self esteem As a child learns body control and masters new trampoline skills, he gains self confidence about what he can do and achieve today and in the future.

Here are just a few reasons why you need a trampoline and why jumping truly is the best exercise for kids. But don't take my word for it; buy a trampoline, bounce with your kids, and see the results for yourself!