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Circuit workouts for kids

fitness and workouts for kidsYou've probably heard of circuit training for adults – a series of physical activities that often includes aerobics and body conditioning. What you probably haven't heard is that circuit workouts for kids is a wonderful way to disguise exercise and burn off that extra energy. Bonus: mom and dad can join in for a full family workout!

Why are circuit workouts for kids so great? Because this format of exercising switches from one thing to the next, it's ideal for kids' limited attention spans. They can always look ahead to another station and furthermore, if they don't like something, it won't be long before it's over. It's a great way to get a full-body workout and have a ton of fun at the same time. Of course, some gyms offer circuit workouts for kids, but I like to set up stations at home for my family. It doesn't take much effort and I use what I already have in the house. It can be done inside or out depending on your preference or what the weather dictates. Try to set up between five and 10 stations for the circuit training to get some variety and keep kids interested. Kids can do each station for 1 minute before rotating to the next. Here is an example of a circuit I recently did at my house: 1. Fitness trampoline: Small kids can jump up and down while bigger kids can rotate between jumping and doing knee lifts.trampoline workouts for kids 2. Balancing: See how long you can stand just on one leg! I use jump ropes to form a circle or beach towels to designate where non-equipment exercises should be done. 3. Jumping jacks: Jumping the whole minute has great aerobic benefits. 4. Sit-ups: If kids can't do sit-ups for the entire minute, it's fine; just make sure they try! 5. Can crunches: Grab some soup cans and do bicep curls (after you can make lunch!) 6: Running in place: Make silly faces at your kids and see if they can keep their concentration while running in place! 7. Basketball bounce: Encourage the kids not to move – bounce the ball while standing in place. 8: Jump rope: Even little ones have fun trying to jump a colorful rope! Go one round or several, but don't forget to cool off and stretch after you're done! Family workouts for kids and adults is  an activity that is fun and guaranteed to give everyone a great workout! Circuit workouts for kids are also a GREAT summertime activity when the kids are home and are "bored." Happy hopping!