The Best Resources for Exercises for Kids

Oct 23rd 2014

School activities, cuddling under warm blankets, colorful fall leaves – autumn brings with it a lot of wonderful things. But sometimes seasonal changes can also have some negative effects; because of dropping temperatures, kids might become less active during the cold winter months.

Family exercises with kids

If you feel your children need a boost of inspiration to get them up and moving this fall into winter, you don't necessarily need to join a fancy gym or family fitness club.

Many amazing exercises for kids are available, and here are some of my favorite go-to resources:

1. Pinterest I love regularly checking Pinterest for new ideas on exercises for kids (and myself). By typing in search terms like "family fitness ideas," "kids fitness games," and "indoor exercise for kids" you'll get plenty of results to browse through. This site focuses on visual inspiration, so you'll find plenty of great photos that make it easy for any caregiver to plan fun activities that boost physical fitness.

2. The Nutrition and Fitness Center on is packed with articles about family fitness ideas, sports safety tips and even nutrition. The site emphasizes that staying fit means having fun, a message all parents can appreciate. I especially like this article that speaks to parents of young kids – toddlers 2-3 years of age – so I can keep my tot busy and physically active all year long.

Rollerblading and other fun kids exercises3. The IDEA Health and Fitness Association is a wonderful resource for health information. The fitness programs for the kids and teens section features a variety of expertly written articles that dig into complex topics like strength training for kids and exercises for kids with short attention spans.

4. My family adores the free kids' workout video on Fitness Blender. The video features three different games that are approximately 5 minutes each. In its entirety, the video lasts 26 minutes. Do it with your kids and giggle as you go! The whole family will get a great workout that's easy to do when the weather is too chilly to go outside. This is a great resource for exercises for kids.

5. Krista's Kids Workout video If your kids have a trampoline, Krista's Kids Workout video is a must-have! This fun video is guaranteed to inspire your little one to get moving so your family can make the most of your trampoline investment.

Mom and daughter using Hula hoops outdoors