Quick Workouts at Home

Feb 22nd 2015

Quick Workouts At Home

If you are a work-at-home or stay-at-home parent, you know that every day can be a challenge to balance a multitude of demands. But just because you spend your days at home doesn't mean there aren't simple ways to keep your body in shape so you look and feel great. Best yet, quick workouts at home take only a few minutes and can have a dramatic overall benefit to your health!

Fitness trampolines for fast workouts at homeRebounding - Rebounding on a mini-trampoline is a fantastic and fun way to break up long sessions at the computer. Bouncing provides a great cardio workout, plus the up-and-down motion boosts the lymphatic system for a full-body detox. Bonus: a rebounder's small size makes it convenient in any home office space. Fitness trampolines offer a total body workout in a short amount of time and are probably one of my favorite quick workouts at home.

Stairs - Take a five-minute break and use your home's stairs to get your blood flowing. Start by simply going up and down them a few times to warm up. Then challenge yourself to skip a stair and step up two as you go up (go down one by one for safety). Next, step up two but add a deep lunge, keeping your hands on your hips for balance.

Planking - If you have only one or two minutes and want to give your core an amazing workout, you have to try planking. Simply lie on the ground on your stomach, place your forearms on the ground with your elbows aligned with your shoulders, and then lift your body to form a straight line; you'll feel the burn quickly. Mommy fitness tip: planking is one of those quick workouts at home that can also be done on your mini-trampoline and make it a little more comfortable on the forearms!

Jumping jacks - A childhood gym favorite is the perfect go-to workout when at home. Five minutes of jumping jacks will get your heart pounding, and you'll enjoy a great cardio exercise without any equipment required. If the kids are around, have them join in on the fun and count as you go!Neck roll warmup stretch

Stretching - Many of us have poor posture while sitting at a desk and staring at the computer. Strive to stretch five minutes out of every hour to keep your body healthy and help prevent long-term injury. Look away from the computer to rest the eyes, do some wrist rotations and neck tilts from side to side. Next, sit on the ground, spread your legs and reach toward your toes. Breathe deeply and disconnect for just a few minutes.

These quick workouts at home will improve your health immensely and are a great distraction away from office work. Involve your kids if they're with you and start looking forward to your work-out-work-day again!