Hut Hut, JUMP!

Hut Hut, JUMP!

Sep 20th 2011

Mountain with leaves changing color in the FallAs summer comes to a close and autumn just days away, our culture shifts its attention from vacations and beaches to football and pumpkins. Coming from a long line of collegiate coaches and plain ol’ sports fans, Sundays have once again been usurped by kickoff. I don’t mind, however. Football actually requires a day of rest, or at least three hours of it. The television becomes a hive with hubby holding Court as queen bee, my children and I worker bees flying in and out of the hive, our attention span not quite as “developed” as the queen’s.

Ring in the JumpSport Fitness trampoline! Since there is absolutely no way for me to sit on my laurels for several hours, nor is the feat possible for my children, we have devised a fitness trail of sorts. After my acquisition of the gymnasium, our house has become, well a miniature gym with balance beams, even bars and a multitude of other props that make for a great obstacle course. For my family, sans spouse, this is the perfect solution to three hours of sitting. Even the uber football fan, my better half, is solicited to join in if only to jump on the JFT during commercials or half time. Two young boys playing football on the beach in black and white

With crudite and sparkling water absent from the onslaught of commercials, football is associated with high calorie foods and drinks. To make sure those calories do not interrupt your waistline, consider inviting the JFT into your living room during a game. Whether you decide to make an obstacle course or prefer a simple tidy JFT, the point is to enjoy the togetherness that the game facilitates without feeling like a slug. Commercials and halftime are great opportunities to jump on the trampoline but you can get more creative than that. An interception can become a one-minute jump, a 5 yard penalty, a set of bench dips and pushups using the JFT’s sturdy frame. Let everyone take a turn. Get everyone involved by letting the audience choose which exercises will be assessed. Kids love the opportunity to tell adults what to do, so give the kids in your world the chance to tell you to “drop and give [them] 20”.

The JFT is remarkably versatile and can be used for jumping, jacking, and jogging. In addition, its mat is great for abdominal exercises. The frame supports a variety of body weight exercises: dips, pushups, and planks. If you are not doing so already, try incorporating the JFT into your Sundays and Monday nights. Along with the bowl of chips and dip, create a new association with exercise during the game(s). The JFT is a marvelous addition to this Autumnal ritual, staving off pounds and bringing a dynamic quality to an otherwise static event. Cheer on your team while you cheer on each other! Hut, hut, JUMP!! Group of friends cheering each other on with a sunset

In good health,

Heidi Aspen Lauckhardt-Rhoades

Professional Fitness Instructor, ACE, AFFA, TRX, Indo, PIA, GROOVE Dance and Creative Movement Productions Writer and Social Media Correspondent FB: The Write Fit & Open Barre Happy Hour Twitter: @ATweetFit GO DOLPHINS! :)