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RompyRoo iBounce Kids Mini Trampoline Conversion Kit

RompyRoo iBounce Kids Mini Trampoline Conversion Kit


RompyRoo iBounce Kids Mini-Trampoline Conversion Kit: Inspire learning and exercise through play

RompyRoo invites your kids to join him on a hoppy learning adventure! RompyRoo is a kid-friendly cartoon who encourages kids to stay active and practice their numbers and letter. This conversion kit easily transforms your 39” JumpSport Fitness Trampoline into a toddler and kids exercise and learning platform. 


  • You are more motivated to workout because your kids are too!
  • Helps kids and toddlers burn extra energy 
  • Develops coordination, balance and endurance
  • Kids learn numbers and letters through active play adventures
  • Award-winning videos created by a teacher and a children’s book author

Package Includes

  • RompyRoo themed padded cover for a 39” JumpSport Fitness Trampoline
  • RompyRoo Learning Adventure “Where is Mr. Fuzzy?” on DVD
  • All RompyRoo Learning Adventure Series videos available with a free trial to JumpSport Fitness TV
  • Universal Tablet Mount 
  • Tablet Mount Adapter for the JumpSport Fitness Handle Bar
  • Fitness Trampoline and Handle Bar sold separately
  • Tablet not included. 
90 day limited warranty on all components

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