RompyRoo iBounce Kids Mini Trampoline Conversion Kit

JumpSport Fitness

  • Family Fitness: easily transform your rebounder for your kiddos to bounce too
  • Compatible JumpSport Model(s): All 39" arched-leg JumpSport Fitness Trampolines
  • Recommended For: Active toddlers & children
  • You are more motivated to workout because your kids are too!
  • Helps kids and toddlers burn extra energy
  • Develops coordination, balance and endurance
  • Kids learn numbers and letters through active play adventures
  • Award-winning videos created by a teacher and a children’s book author
  • Trampoline Not Included
RompyRoo themed padded cover for a 39” JumpSport Fitness Trampoline
RompyRoo Learning Adventure “Where is Mr. Fuzzy?” on DVD
Universal Tablet Mount
Tablet Mount Adapter for the JumpSport Fitness Handle Bar
All RompyRoo Learning Adventure Series videos available with a free trial to JumpSport Fitness TV

Shipping Information

Rompy Roo Conversion Kit
Box Weight: 11 lb
Box Size: 39” × 8” × 5”


90 day Limited Warranty

Extend Protection Plan with Accident Coverage What’s included?

RompyRoo iBounce Kids Mini Trampoline Conversion Kit
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