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Leg Cap Feet Kit For JumpSport Fitness Trampolines | 39" or 44"

Leg Cap Feet Kit For JumpSport Fitness Trampolines | 39" or 44"


Inspection Requirement

Please remove the Silicone Leg Cap and check that your Plastic Plug Inserts are undamaged before selecting an option. If your Plastic Plug Inserts are damaged or missing, then the metal edge of the leg will cut into the Silicone Leg Caps. 

Silicone Leg Caps

These replacement caps fit over the bottom of each leg of a JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, regardless of model type. They are made of non-marking silicone to give your trampoline the most stable bounce possible while protecting your floors. 6 Silicone Leg Caps are included in each kit. 

Silicone Leg Caps + Plastic Plug Inserts

Each JumpSport Fitness Trampoline leg comes with Plastic Plug Inserts that goes inside the bottom of each leg. This plastic insert protects the Silicone Leg Cap from the sharp edge of the metal leg and are essential in prolonging the life of your Silicone Leg Caps.




Private Use Warranty: All components – 1 year

Commercial Use Warranty: All components – 6 months

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