JumpSport 200 Series Fitness Trampolines | 39”

JumpSport Fitness

  • Get Started: The in-home rebounder for beginners or active agers.
  • Firmness: Soft Bounce
  • Recommended For: Bouncers under 6 ft, up to 225 lb
  • 39" High Gloss Black Steel Frame, Multi-Layer Powder Coated
  • 30 EnduroLast™ Elastic Cords
  • Stable Leg Designs
  • 60-Day Free Trial to JumpSport Fitness TV
  • Basic DVD Included
  • 225 lb. Weight Rating
Model 220 Model 250 WELLNESS Trampoline
No-Tip, Stable Arched Legs
32.5" Skirt Mat
2-Knot EnduroLast™ Cords
400k Bounce Cycles
No-Tip, Stable Arched Legs
35" Padded Petal Mat
2-Knot EnduroLast™ Cords
400k Bounce Cycle
No-Tip, Stable Arched Legs
35" Enhanced Padded Petal Mat
2-Knot EnduroLast™ Cords
400k Bounce Cycles

Foldable Option

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Experience The Best Bounce

EnduroLast™ Elastic Cords deliver the smoothest, deepest, and most supportive low-impact bounce on the market.

Long Lasting

With a stretch length 2x the resting length and over 50 ft of bungee material, our cords significantly outlast trampolines with shorter bungees.

Customize Your Bounce

FlexBounce connectors and knotted cords allow you to choose your preferred firmness setting.

Arched Leg Safety & Versatility

Step up with confidence on our patented no-tip arched leg trampolines.

Enhanced Versatility

The stable frame enables a variety of exercises such as push-ups and tricep dips.


Arched legs make our trampolines stackable for box jumps onto a dynamic-surface of any height or for efficient storage.

Enhanced Lay-Flat Mats

Enhanced jumping mats provide extended usable jumping space with a unique lay-flat design.

More Space

Gain more room for creative choreography and more freedom for larger bouncers.

Skirt Or Padded Petal Options

Choose a 4” skirt extension or upgrade to 5” of padded petals for more comfort when you step or lay on the cords.

Lifetime Durability

Reliable quality for the most active use.

Rigorous Enough For The Gym

Get the same quality professionals use, in your own home.

Frame & Leg Lifetime Warranty

Have peace of mind that you have the best trampoline on the market.

JumpSport Fitness TV App

With 60-Day Free Trial

Access over 2000 hours of cardio, strength, barre, Pilates, HIIT classes and more on the JumpSport Fitness TV App.

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Benefits of Rebounding

Invigorate your aerobic exercise

Tone your body

Boost your endurance

Strengthen bone health

Go gentle on your joints

Say hello to a fun, effective, and accessible way to elevate your fitness game.

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Compact & Multifunctional
Easy To Move, Easy To Store

With a compact and simple design, you can use it in just about any space and easily move it out of the way when you’re done.

Way More Than Just A Rebounder

From traditional bounce classes to unconventional strength training movements, trampoline workout possibilities are endless.

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Shipping Information

Model 220
Box Weight: 26 lb
Box Size: 41” × 40” × 3”

Model 250
Box Weight: 26 lb
Box Size: 41” × 40” ×3”

User Manual

220 & 250 User Manual


Private Use Warranty:
Steel Frame & Legs – Lifetime
Mat & EnduroLast 2-Knot Cords – 2 years
All other components – 1 year

Extend Protection Plan with Accident Coverage What’s included?

JumpSport 200 Series Fitness Trampolines | 39”
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