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4 Hacks for Getting Your Body in Shape Fast

Jul 6th 2016

Life is short! Being fit should always be on your to-do list. Even well into July, we’ll admit we’re still thinking of ways to get that summer body we’ve been dreaming of. And at this point in the … read more

4 Healthy Substitutes For Favorite Treats

May 25th 2016

Being healthy and fit can be achieved by making simple changes to your lifestyle When it comes to getting healthy, there are two big lifestyle changes you’ll need to make. You’ll need to develop ro … read more

Learning by Moving

Mar 11th 2016

Learning by Moving is a Powerful Tool! Whether you are going forward and backwards on a number line, balancing equations, or skip counting there is movement. Children benefit from all sorts of movemen … read more

Why Laughter is Truly the Best Medicine

Jan 27th 2016

Do you just hate it when a cliché is really true? Maybe you shouldn’t!You’ve heard it time and time again: laughter is the best medicine. But you might find yourself wondering if that’s really true. L … read more

Spring into fitness!

Jan 14th 2016

Spring into fitness with the right wardrobe and fun routine. Spring into fitness! It may not feel like winter will ever end this year, but with the first day of spring only a few we … read more