Spring into fitness!

Jan 13th 2016

Get a new lightweight fitness outfitSpring into fitness with the right wardrobe and fun routine.

Spring into fitness!

It may not feel like winter will ever end this year, but with the first day of spring only a few weeks away, it’s time to think about trading your heavy winter clothes for some light-weight outfits.  Shedding those baggy sweatpants that allow us to hide the extra pounds that creep onto our hips and thighs during the colder months will feel great, especially if we “spring” into action and get in shape now.

 Spring brings with it a sense of revitalization and rejuvenation, so make those a part of your fitness program too.  Even if you’ve tried and failed to keep a workout schedule going in the past, don’t let that stop you from starting anew and persisting at something that’s good for you.

 Last year, when I pulled out my shorts for warmer weather, I found them to be much tighter than they were the year before.  Discouragement quickly settled in.  It was obvious that I needed something to revitalize myself and get going on a fitness program that would deliver results.

 I started working out on my JumpSport Fitness Trampoline in a way that specifically targeted the main area I wanted to firm up — my outer thighs…you know, that area that tends to spread on a woman as she (gracefully) matures!?!  Well guess what?  It worked!  And I haven’t stopped doing this thigh workout since. Hence the name of this blog; Spring into fitness!

 I’m a mom but not a professional fitness instructor; however, after watching some of the JumpSport Fitness videos, I was able to figure out how to use my trampoline in a way that best addressed my fitness needs.  Here’s a description of my 5-minute-a-day trampoline workout.  Be sure to watch the video clip further on in this post too!  It demonstrates the routine.

Fitness trampoline 

Minute #1 - Warm up. I start by bouncing freely on the fitness trampoline at a comfortable pace, and continue for approximately one minute.

Minute #2 & 3 - Then I bend my knees and concentrate on pushing down with my feet into the mat of the trampoline to establish a powerful, controlled bounce—not one where I’m flying high above the trampoline bed.  I bring my feet together for one bounce and apart for the next bounce and continue this rhythm—feet in, feet out—at an accelerated pace, for twenty counts.  I then relax, straighten up a bit, and bounce normally for 10 counts.  By continuing with this routine, I incorporate interval training into my workout.  20 counts of intense in and out bounces, followed by 10 normal paced bounces (20/10).  By the time two minutes have passed, I’ve usually done four 20-second bounce repetitions, four 10-second bounce repetitions, and worked up quite a sweat! (see video for visual explanation)

Minute #4 - Following that I do some fun twisting bounces, taking an “active breather” from the intensity of the previous few minutes.

Minute #5 - Then I jump back into interval bouncing again, only this time, I turn my toes inward as I bounce.  I really feel the “pull” on my outer thigh as I do the 20/10 interval moves.  Toward the end of the fifth minute, I relax and bounce loosely to incorporate a cool down period before ending my workout.

Now watch the video to see how quick and easy this exercise is…then try to Spring into Fitness yourself!

Ann C Brown - Spring into fitness - 1 minute video clip here

Check out our YouTube Channel too and learn more ways to get in shape through fun and effective trampoline workouts.

So crawl out from underneath that winter blanket and spring into action by getting your fitness trampoline routine going today!