Learning by Moving

Mar 11th 2016

Kids jumping on outdoor trampoline

Learning by Moving is a Powerful Tool!

Whether you are going forward and backwards on a number line, balancing equations, or skip counting there is movement. Children benefit from all sorts of movement.  When participating in content-based movement powerful neurological pathways are constructed.  According to the National Math Foundation, physical activities geared to math will energize your child and simultaneously strengthen math abilities.

"Thinking and learning are anchored by movement "– Piaget

 The Jump2it GameMat will harness a child’s natural inclination for trampoline activity and turn it into enthusiasm for acquiring number concept skills. The game mat is made out of the same high-quality JumpSport polypropylene material with 10 rows of stitching and a UV shield. Colorful numbers, shapes, and math symbols are silkscreened on top of the mat. A game book accompanies the mat for ideas to incorporate bouncy learning by moving.

 Here are a few ideas for incorporating the Jump2it GameMat for math into your outdoor trampoline fun:

  • Number sequencing: Hop on each number in order. Count forward and backwards!
  • Odd and Even numbers: Use two feet to bounce on even numbers. Hop on one foot on the odd numbers.
  • Addition: Start at one then add two each time, then 3, 4, etc. Repeat starting at 2, then 3, etc.
  • Subtraction: Start at 10 then subtract 2 each time, then 3, and then 4.
  • Times Table: Bounce through the 2, 3, 4, and 5 times tables.
  • Telling time: Learn to skip count by 5s. This will help a child visualize 1=5, 2=10, etc. on an analog clock.
  • Telling time: The Jump2It game mat’s numbers are on a clock face formation. Use pool noodles to illustrate time on an analog clock.
  • Patterning: Challenge your child to follow a given pattern. For example: “Jump in this order: triangle, 5, circle, 10, rectangle, 2.”Child using Jump2it GameMat for trampoline
  • Shapes: Play Simon says with descriptive words. For example: “Simon says skip to the yellow star and clap five times.” Simon says: “Hop to the red rectangle and bounce on your bottom.”
  • Shapes: Use chalk to practice tracing shapes directly on the trampoline. Talk about angles, number of sizes, where the shapes are found in the environment, etc.
  • Great than Less than: Call out a number. If the number is great than 5 leap up. If the number is less than 5 stand on one leg. Challenge your child with mental math. Given problems to solve and consider if the sum of the number is greater or less than 5.

 Learning is not a spectator sport. Children learn as they play and, in turn, play gives children an opportunity to practice what they have learned. At the earliest ages, children begin to discover and explore their world—including the world of mathematics—through play.

Children are more likely to remember what they have learned when they are learning by moving.

 Also, when learning is fun it helps develop a lifetime love of learning. The Jump2it GameMat for math is so fun kids will not know that they are learning while playing. Hop into learning fun with The Matherific Trampoline Package!

 For additional fun and learning, check out our Game Book & activity card set.