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How to Beat Your Worst Food Cravings

Jan 7th 2016

Stop answering when unhealthy snacks are calling your nameGetting fit goes beyond getting enough physical activity (although, that is part of the equation). And with food playing such a prominent role … read more

10 Things to Stop Apologizing For

Dec 10th 2015

While apologizing can make us feel better in the moment, there are just some things that should never need an apology We live in a world full of apologies and platitudes. I learned the hard way that a … read more

Exercise Benefits for Moms

Oct 13th 2015

Exercise Benefits for Moms"Being a parent is the toughest job you'll ever love."This common saying rings true, as so many parents can verify that the daily trials and tribulations, while exhausting at … read more

Strawberry Flax Smoothie Time!

May 1st 2015

Strawberry Flax Smoothie Time: An extremely hearty smoothie—great for a quick breakfast or on the go. For those of you that haven’t yet gotten into juicing, this strawberry flax smoothie wi … read more

Benefits of a Trampoline Workout

Apr 7th 2015

Now that we're in Spring of 2015, have you evaluated this year's resolutions you made a few months ago? Spring is a time for renewal and for taking on new resolutions. How about considering the many b … read more