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Cell Phones for Kids?

Mar 5th 2015

Although I'm not there yet with my children, there's no denying Parents feel pressured to buy cell phones for kids. And the age is  younger and younger when getting their first cellphones. T … read more

Healthy Holiday Snacks

Feb 19th 2015

Healthy holiday snacks sounds like an oxymoron, right? With so many rich foods and indulgent treats available at every turn, it can be difficult to keep eating right during this time of year. With … read more

The Best Resources for Exercises for Kids

Oct 24th 2014

School activities, cuddling under warm blankets, colorful fall leaves – autumn brings with it a lot of wonderful things. But sometimes seasonal changes can also have some negative effects; becaus … read more

Blackboard Bottle Craft

Aug 21st 2013

You know those yummy coffee drinks you can buy at the market? The ones that come in glass bottles shaped like old fashioned milk bottles? I’ve always felt somewhat guilty throwing them away even if th … read more

Dogs, walking, parenting and trampolines…

Aug 19th 2013

Most of the blogs I write for JumpSport are about exercise or trying to stay healthy while balancing work and motherhood, etc. Being a new parent and only having one child, I try to steer clear of … read more