Seizing Spring: ‘Tis the Season to be Motivated

Seizing Spring: ‘Tis the Season to be Motivated

Apr 18th 2011

With May just around the corner, Spring is in full force and with it, a revitalized sense of carpe diem! It seems only last week that I was blogging about new year’s resolutions and goal setting and here we are, almost five months into the new year. So how is it going? If it’s going great, fantastic! If you have hit a plateau, no problem. With a shift in seasons, it is the perfect opportunity to invigorate yourself wherever you are at in your life.

My fingertips are about the only appendages not sore on my body after a weekend of aerial and trapeze training that I opted to take this weekend on a whim. I am a huge fan of the site,, and it was here that I found out about the “Aerial Arts Workshop”. I knew no one at the workshop, knew virtually nothing about “aerial arts” or “trapeze”, and had to contend with a very large mirror and myself with mad amounts of fabric and not doing a very good job of managing it. Alas! I had one of the best times I have had in a very long time because it was so new to me, and it challenged me on so many different levels. The “art/sport” took me out of the gym and into the circus, if you will, and illuminated a world that offers many physical opportunities for a movement junkie like myself. I am positive that the fresh air, the Spring-ness that is absolutely coating the environment and is responsible for the hatching of new ideas and motivations, facilitated my attendance and ultimate openness for learning and enjoying something so different and candidly, difficult.

There are ample circumstances, moments in time for us to reinvent ourselves, “kick it up a notch”, make a shift, or grant ourselves a wish. The springtime is a notorious time of year to do such good work for yourself as we come out of the thaw and are rife with fertility. As you see bulbs begin to peak out of the hard soil, birds making nests, cherry blossoms bursting from branches and nature humming, tune into that hum and remember that you are a part of that and hop into that springtime hum. Enjoy the symphony of Spring by clearing, cleaning, and diving into moments that are novel, dreamy, even awkward. Dare to give yourself the rebirth that springtime has to offer.

In good health,

Heidi Lauckhardt-Rhoades Writer, Group Fitness Instructor and Creator of Open Barre Happy Hour