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Soft Weight Toning Ball, 3 lb

Soft Weight Toning Ball, 3 lb
$18.95 $13.95
(You save $5.00)


The Safe Alternative

The JumpSport Soft Weight Toning Ball, 3 lb is a safer alternative to traditional dumbbells or solid weights and provides more versatility for strength training and rehab exercises. With a 3.5 inch diameter, small or large hands can easily grip the responsive rubber surface.

Enhance Your Bounce

  • Intensify upper body and core engagement
  • Enhance isometric and plyometric workouts
  • Improve balance, joint dexterity, range of motion, and flexibility 


Manufacturer’s commonly warn against leaving vinyl balls on painted or finished surfaces for extended periods of time as the vinyl may chemically react with the paint or finish. We do not recommend storing the Toning Ball on the jumping surface as it may react with the white silkscreen. 


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