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Circuit workouts for kids

Feb 20th 2015

You've probably heard of circuit training for adults – a series of physical activities that often includes aerobics and body conditioning. What you probably haven't heard is that circuit wor … read more

Simple Breakfast On-The-Go

Jan 26th 2015

Your mother was right: breakfast is the most important meal of the day for the whole family. When you "break" your "fast," you give your body and brain the fuel necessary to start a new day on a hi … read more

Do my kids get enough exercise?

Sep 3rd 2014

Do you feel like you or your kids get enough exercise? Between caring for a toddler and an infant and working, it's difficult to find "me-moments" in the day for an exercise routine. I know my 2-year- … read more

Strength Training for Kids

Sep 3rd 2014

A few months back, a photo made the rounds on the Internet. It featured a young boy showing off his toned, plumped-up arms and six-pack for the camera. He looked more like an adult bodybuilder tha … read more

5 best websites for easy meals for school

Sep 2nd 2014

As mom to a newborn and a toddler, I completely understand how time-pressed parents are these days. Nutrition has always been a priority in my family, but it can sometimes feel like a st … read more