5 best websites for easy meals for school

Sep 1st 2014

Child choosing a healthy school lunch

As mom to a newborn and a toddler, I completely understand how time-pressed parents are these days. Nutrition has always been a priority in my family, but it can sometimes feel like a struggle dealing with an increasingly independent child whose taste preferences seem to change from one day to the next. But I have my own secret weapons to win the war against boring lunches – I visit my favorite websites for inspiration for easy meals for school.

 Pinterest The source for all things creative and DIY, Pinterest is a great resource for wholesome, kid-friendly lunches you can feel proud to serve your family. Plus, you'll get extra hugs for creativity when you pack healthy make-your-own cold pizza or cut that sandwich into fun shapes like butterflies and robots. Ideas are endless when you search for simple phrases like "kids lunch" or "easy meals for school lunches." Obsessed with Food Network shows? Take time to visit the website and feel equally inspired. The family and kids section is my favorite, as it features a special area for back-to-school meal ideas. In addition to quick, easy lunch ideas, you can also browse recipes for breakfast and snacks within minutes.

Fresh fruit and whole grains make easy meals for school When I'm in a pinch and not sure what to do, I visit the "Lunch Box Favorites" section of From easy snack wraps perfect for little hands to homemade granola bars, there are always quick, easy meals for school they will love. I adore the "search by ingredient" feature, which allows you to look for recipes with and without certain ingredients.

 100 Days of Real Food This mommy blogger does a great job at documenting her family's journey to cut processed food from their diets and enjoy nature's bounty to the fullest. This is a good site to find lunchtime inspiration, as she frequently posts about what she packs for her kids' lunches. She often includes smoothies in reusable freezie-pop molds to keep lunch items cool and give kids a tasty treat mid-day. Genius!

 VegKitchen Whether you're toying with the idea of meatless Mondays or you're a full-fledged vegetarian, we can all agree that kids should eat more fruits and vegetables. VegKithcen has healthy recipes for kids and teens that are great inspiration for meatless lunches. I also like how you can store your favorite recipes in the "My Recipe Box" feature for future reference.

Salads can be quick and easy meals for school