An Emergency Compliment!

Jun 18th 2013

JumpSport trampoline customer complimentEmergency Compliment: when you're having a rough day, second guessing yourself, at the end of your rope, and someone pays you a compliment that turns it all around.

Working at a company JumpSport Trampolines, we all do a lot of things that are not necessarily in our job description.  I am lucky enough to work at a great company with awesome products and even better customer service.

On a monthly basis, our dealer support team will randomly call customers to see how their service was at their local dealer.  This is not something I do regularly myself, but I was looking for something to change up my day and decided to do a few calls myself.  Normally, we get told basically “love the trampoline, service was great, thanks for calling.”

To my great surprise and joy, I got to talk to Donna Chimenti.  She spoke for several minutes about how great the service was, how great our product was and how our company had made a difference for her family.  I thanked her and asked her to please send me an email so we could share a few quotes from it on our website.

Donna wrote such a beautiful email; I decided to share the whole thing rather than just a few words.  Please read:

Hi Rachel,Kids jumping on outdoor trampoline

 Thanks again for calling to follow up.  

We absolutely love your product, use it every day, and are having a great time. The boys say how it's the best kind they've jumped on, gives the perfect balance of softness and bounce, and makes you do great flips! As safety was paramount, AlleyOOP became the only logical choice. That effort was due to seeing some other neighbors with similar concerns as I, along with your retailer KidzzPlay. I can't express enough how grateful I was to have Andrew's assistance. He was extremely supportive and knowledgeable about your product, as well as being patient and kind. He made all the difference, came an hour away to install, and his installers were prompt, courteous and real professionals. A great experience all around. This product has not only contributed towards the boys having fun, but also allows us to engage in an outdoor activity that also promotes great exercise. Most of all, it has really given us a great deal more of "family time," which is priceless. 

Just an FYI - We also think you put out some great accessories, like basketball and the tent, and hope to purchase those too at some point:)

You may not have thought about your product in this way, however, there are times were it's nice to just lay on it, look up at the sky, listen to the birds chirping, and enjoy the moment. It's better than a hammock! In our busy lives, you don't always remember to "smell the roses." 

Here's a few pictures of them on it. Too hard to get the action shots, but they are really enjoying the front flips!



One of the most amazing things about working here is that I know our products touch kid’s lives.  I get to see that in my own house.  The other night, my 18 month old son climbed on our JumpSport Fitness Trampoline, stood up and bounced a little while I was busy doing the dishes.  The look of both joy and accomplishment on his face were priceless.  I stopped what I was doing, walked over and played with him on the trampoline for awhile.  We even laid on it and read a book together.  My dishes didn’t get done.  What am I going to remember the next day; that I had to get up in the morning and do dishes before breakfast or that my son and I spent time together playing?

After I put my son to bed that night, I happened to read Donnas’ email.  It was amazing to think that a mom, across the country, with sons in high school was having the same experience with our products that I was.  I was grateful for her time and also for her kindness in sharing her experience with me. I guess you could say her compliment "saved" me; it was exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. Kids jumping on trampoline with safety net

 I decided then and there to give an emergency compliment to a service or product whenever I can and "pay it forward."  I want to teach my son to be grateful and kind.  That starts with me modeling that behavior….and leaving the dishes dirty some nights.

Happy bouncing! (& give out an emergency compliment when you can; you never know who it will save!)


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