5 Ways to Exercise as a Family

May 18th 2016

Mother and daughter jumping on a trampoline for family exercise

Because the family that plays together stays together!

With the kids on the sports team and mom or dad hitting the gym solo each week, family exercise time doesn’t come off as a top priority for most families. But you might be surprised at just how easy and fun it can be to put together a daily—or even weekly—group workout session. Here are a few ways you can start a routine that’ll keep the fam fit:

1. Dance parties

(Most) everyone loves dancing. And since you’re in the comfort of your own home and surrounded by relatives, there’s no pressure to feel embarrassed about your questionable moves. A dance party is a fun and exciting way to bond with the family while getting in touch with your healthier side. So pump up the jam and enjoy a loud, bouncy, and silly night in.

2. Bike rides

A weekly bike ride is an easy way to get the whole family together. Not only do mom and dad get some exercise, but the kids will get on board with this fun activity! Strap on some helmets and head to the streets for great group cardio that’s sure to get the heart pumping and the good times flowing.

Take a few unusual turns and explore a new part of town together. Whether you discover a secret playground, a shiny new footbridge, or a historic cemetery, there’s a lot to investigate in your own hometown. And the memories are bound to last for years to come.

3. Taking Fido for a walk

No need to do dog-walking duty alone — so brighten up the pup’s outing by turning it into a family affair. Tie up a pair of tennis shoes and put the smart phones on silent. Enjoy a soothing, calm walk together around the neighborhood, giving both your kids (furry and otherwise) the attention they deserve and the exercise they need.

4. Watch a TV show … but exercise during the commercial breaks

Sometimes you just want to sit down and bond over a classic TV show, and maybe you don’t have the energy for a long workout after a trying day at work. No matter the reason, don’t turn into potatoes when your family inevitably opts to hit the couch. Instead, get moving during the commercial breaks! Have a jumping jack competition, teach your kids how to do a cartwheel, or run in place — whatever you choose to do, you won’t regret taking the time to sneak in a little activity.

5. Hop onto the trampoline

An exciting way to get fit together is to enjoy that big trampoline in the backyard. Hop around for a couple minutes or a couple hours — it’s up to you! And you’re bound to get fit in no time, as jumping on the trampoline burns nearly twice the calories of other common exercises, such as running.

Don’t have a trampoline but dying to burn those calories? Browse our selection of outdoor trampolines and mini trampolines today. You’ll be having family fun in no time.