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JumpSport Fitness TV — On Demand Streaming Videos

JumpSport Fitness TV — On Demand Streaming Videos

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From toning balance workouts to high-intensity interval training (HIIT), discover trampoline exercises that keep you engaged and having fun. Subscribe for unlimited streaming ($9.99).

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Starring Kara & Michelle

Titles include:

Functional Balance Training (17:11)
Balance Movements (33:40)
Cardio Intervals (26:19)
Dance Cardio Workout 1(13:04)
Dance Cardio Workout 2(16:31)
Resistance Band Cardio
HIIT Cardio with Resistance Bands (22:53)
HIIT Strength Training (22:37)
VIIT Cardio with Handlebar (22:46)
Resistance Band Strength (25:24)
Resistance Training - BASICS (19:04)
Resistance Training - BODY WEIGHT (33:22)
Resistance Training - FLAT BANDS (37:31)
Resistance Training - KETTLEBELLS (31:38)
Resistance Training - ADVANCED KETTLEBELL (29:46)


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