Fit 7/8 Games Powered By JumpSport

Fit 7/8 Games Powered By JumpSport

May 17th 2017

Strength, Coordination, Resistance, Agility! These are the four categories that over 200 women will be competing in during the 7/8 Games on May 27th in Monterey and June 3rd in Mexico City hosted by Fit 7/8 and sponsored by and powered by JumpSport. Fit 7/8 is looking for "The Ultimate 7/8'er" so join the 7/8 Games, train and compete like never before! Register now >>

Fit 7/8 is an exercise program for women comprised of “WorkArts”—choreographed routines done to music designed to build strength, endurance, and coordination in a fun and dynamic setting. With an arsenal full of different workout equipment including weights, resistance bands, medicine balls, and JumpSport Fitness Trampolines, Fit 7/8 pairs their workouts with a playlist that’s sure to get your heartbeat up! Working out in rhythm, to the beat of the music, is actually where the name Fit 7/8 comes from. Like counting the steps to a dance “...and 5, 6, 7, 8… 5, FIT, 7, 8!”In 2015 founder of Fit 7/8, Andrea Peña, left her practice as a lawyer to use her extensive background in ballet to carve out a new career path. “I decided to change my life story by creating an exercise method that was effective, challenging, musical and so fun it becomes addictive.” Two years later Fit 7/8 is now one of the biggest fitness movements in Mexico and is now hosting its own fitness games in search of “The Ultimate 7/8er!”

JumpSport is incredibly proud to sponsor this event and is looking forward to two new Fit 7/8 studios opening in Mexico. You can see JumpSport Fitness Trampolines in action during the games May 27th 2017 at Lomasoccer in Monterrey and again June 3rd, 2017 at Fitness Hub RSF in Mexico City. All are welcomed to the games. It is free for spectators and athletes can register before May 17th.